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I was referred to Tamika by a lady in a store. I explained what I was experiencing and she said Tamika is the person for you! I made the appointment and she could not have been more right. She listened to me, she eased my concerns and she took care of my hair care needs in 45 minutes. It was amazing! She is amazing!
Dara C.
She is a phenomenal stylist! I leave feeling beautiful every single time!
Darian N.
She is a great stylist and her work speaks for itself. On top of that you aren't spending hours in the beauty shop. She is always professional and friendly! I always leave feeling beautiful!! :)
Asie N.
I have been coming to Tamika for a little over 3 years. I knew from the time I sat in her chair I would keep coming back. She is so down to earth but yet professional. I love the way she puts me at ease AND she takes great care of my hair. I don't know but for me picking the right hair stylist has a lot to do with the experience and superb hair care. Well Tamika has both!
Zarinah S.
Tamika is very helpful and informative! She is the nicest (characteristically and styling ability) stylist I have ever met! she creates exactly what I am looking for everytime I visit her. So happy I found Tamika
Eriehl W.
Tamika is an EXCELLENT STYLIST! I am extremely happy everytime I go! I also take my 2 daughters and she is fast. She never over books and she is so welcoming. I will never go anywhere else!
Tineal J.
Tamika did a wonderful job on my color, wash and style this evening! She was very sweet and informative. I have been natural for a several months now but only doing my hair at home. She educated me on what i needed to do to keep it healthy and train it back to a great state. She was quick, careful, and i had an overall wonderful experience! She definitely has gained a regular! See u in two weeks!
Alisa D.
I am going natural. Tamika gave me a nice,stylish twist style that is easy to maintain. I was in and out within 45 minutes. Thanks Tamika. Nikki K.
Nikki K.
Tamika is very professional and knows her stuff. She will give you the style you want and explain what she is doing as she is doing your hair. She is all about healthy hair and will have you walking out the salon "feeling yourself", lol. She will also help you find a regime and products that will benefit your hair. I highly recommend her. -Trish
Trish M.
I've been coming to Tmaika for a lil over two years and I must say she does a wonderful job on keeping my hair on point and healthy. I always get great compliments on how good my hair looks and its all to you Tamika. Thank you so much!
Bree C.