Welcome to Meek's Styles loft, where Meek is the sole proprietor of this business. Meek is known for individualizing every hairstyle to the clients own personality. One of her beliefs is that a great hair service can brighten up someones day and give confide-nce. In loft 25 Meek hopes to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and calming to the spirit and soul.

Meek has been known to have a growing hand, taking damaged and weak hair and nuturing and replenishing it. Meek is also a Master stylist with over 17 years of experience under her belt. While Hair is her main focus, makeup. eyelashes,eyebrows, are just a few of the vast array of services offered here.

There is a experience that awaits you and a chair with your name on it!




note: There is a $25 cancellation fee if not done within 24 hours

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Today was my first time going to Tamiko, and she was great!! I love my hair!! She is very nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Tamiko..She's a wonderful stylist and very quick!! Thank you so much Tamiko...see you soon!!! Terina
Terina L.
My experience with Tamiko was amazing! I like the fact that instead of her "doing" my hair, she took time to treat my hair. The atmosphere is nice and peaceful, she has great conversation, and honestly the only person that will do my hair from this point on. If you are looking for a great stylist, Tamiko is deff it!
Kori F.
Tamiko is the Sweetest and most Professional Stylist I have ever dealt with. Her work is Amazing andthe Atmosphere is wonderful. I would and do recommend her to everyone I know.
Acquenette F.
I came in for an extreme change from long natural hair to a huge chop. Tamiko did a great job dealing with my fine unruly curls and my hair cut and style was fantastic! I loved it then and stil love it now. I also enjoyed the comfy conversation and laughter being this was our first time meeting let alone having my hair done. I am happy about the referral I received for sure!! She is a blessing in more ways than one!
Toni J.
Tamiko has been a true blessing to my daughter Terran and I. She is very skillful and Talent. When everyone else wanted to perm my daughter's hair, she told us that it was not necessary. Since bring Terran to Tamiko, her hair has grown tremendously! The hair is healthy and shiney. Terran is admired by many of her friends. Thanks Tamiko for allowing your gift to make way for you.
Randi A.
Absolutely WONDERFUL!! I had my first appointment with Tamiko on Tuesday, and not only is she a fantastic stylist, she's a sweet, and genuine person. She took the time to ask what I wanted, and was sure to give me enough information and products to maintain and nurture my hair until my next appointment. I haven't been this happy with a stylist in a very long time; I can't wait until my next visit!
Rae J.
Before coming to see Tamiko, I foolishly allowed a Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder, Caucasian female, an "alleged stylist", to cut my hair. After seeing my "blind cut", I wanted to cut the "Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder, wannabe stylist". Instead, I went home, decided and prepared myself to do a "Brittany Spears" to my head. A light bulb went off in my head, and I decided to search for stylists and view their clients pictures on the Salon Lofts website. After reading & viewing numerous pictures and profiles at the Columbus, Ohio/Whitehall Salon Lofts location, it was the clients testimonals of Tamiko Mccalister that made me take a leap of faith to schedule an appointment online for Tamiko to hopefully repair, fix, correct, and prayerfully save what hair I had left. Tamiko Mccalister is a truly gifted, blessed, phenominal, 20/20 vision stylist. Tamiko literally took my "blind cut", and turned it into a "miracle cut"! The transformation was a success!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was totally surprised, shocked, amazed, extremely grateful, and very satisfied. If your in need or looking for a miracle, a fresh look, a look that will turn heads, or it's just time for you to "bring your sexy back", book your next appointment with Tamiko! A truly talented, gifted, down to earth, experienced, stylist, who will make you look & feel like a brand new person.
Monica L M.
Last week was the first time Tamiko did my hair and I was very impressed. She left a lasting impression on me. Thank you Tamiko job well done.
Phyllis D.
I thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom to provide healing to my hair. I can say as of today, after 25 years of low self esteem of wearing my hair, I am free. Thank you women of God for loving, caring and nutrient my hair and my mind to received what God said in 1 Corinthians 11:15 ( But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her; Thank you again for been obedient to the healing that God place in your hand. love you
Jeannette F.
I have been going to Tamiko for +8 years. She is always professional and spiritual in her work. I would recommend her to anyone. She believes in the health of your hair and whats right for you. I get out of her chair every time and dont look in the mirror because I am confident of her abilities as a stylist. That says much!!! Thanks Tamiko for taking care of my hair all these years. You're the best!!!
Shawntel G.
What more can I say Tamiko has beenn doing my hair for the past 24 almost 25 years and I've never had the same style twice whenever I ask her to do something creative and different she does just that and I love that about her I've never left her chair feeling as tho I have someone else's style but moreso as an individual if you try her you will NOT be disappointed trust me my hair is healthy and growing and its because of her :)!!!! Thanks mommy Lenequa M.
Lenequa M.
yeah!!! for the $ 25.00 special...... love you.....
Jeannette F.
Tamiko has been doing mine and my daughters hair (natural) for almost 10 yrs. She is a true Master Stylist to my family. The care she has given professionally and spiritually to my family is irreplaceable. Tamiko is not only my "Stylist".. she is a blessing to have in our lives.
Dani S.
Tamiko is a nice, friendly, Godly loving woman...who not only can create some gorgeous hair styles but also cares about the Health of your hair....as soon as I sat in the chair she asked me all kinds of questions about my hair...then preceeded to give me one of the prettiest hair do's....she's a keeper!!!
Angela G.
Tamiko also does a great job when it comes to styling my hair.
Tanzania T.
Tamiko has been a blessing to say the least, in my life. This woman knows what she's doing and truly performs works of art. She's so personable with her warm smile and humble spirit she creates a welcoming atmosphere and aims to please each individual client. SHe doesn't make you feel like just another person in her chair and if you haven't tried her, I'm telling you, you're missing out !!! I thank God for allowing her gifts to make room for her and know that this is only the beginning for what He has in store for her. Thanks sis for everything you do, I love you !
Cherish M.
All I can say is if you want you hair done right honey stop reading this and book a appointment right now because she is more then good at what she do
Nakeisha M.
I wish we would have taken a before and after picture of my hair so that the people who dont know could see for themselves just how TALENTED Tamiko is when it comes to doing hair! i went into the shop lookin...whew! (u had to see it); and when i left out...you talkin about a "Makeover", Tamiko HOOKED MY HAIR UP!!!! I Love this woman! ~ Try her for yourself, you'll see!(: ~TeLisa
TeLisa H.
Tamiko is amazing and a true blessing! The professional and caring atmosphere that surrounds her is definitely something you will not find anywhere else! After searching and searching for someone to help me with my natural journey, God placed me in her chair and I will NEVER go to another stylist!! Thank you Tamiko for everything!! -Alicia S
Alicia S.
I absolutely loved, loved, loved my hair!!! Tamiko did her thing. I was more than pleased with my hair. My hair has never, ever looked or felt this good in my life!!! I absolutely recommend her. You would not be sorry. Thank you Tamiko!!! I will be back for sure!!! -Mia
Mia W.
I have been a client of Tamico for over a year. In my experience I have found her to be a very pleasant and personable person to be around. Tamico, is not only a great stylist she is 100 percent into total hair care. I have never left her chair disappointed. I tried the rest but Tamico is truly the best at what she does. MASTER STYLIST!!! Lisa J
Lisa J.
Tamiko did a sewen on me and it was so natural looking she cut it excellent into a layered bob. I have gotten so many compliments.
Sonia M.
I visited Tamiko for the first time Nov 12. She is awesome! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. She treats you like an old friend. Her positive vibe and professionalism cannot be compared to anything I have ever experienced. She took great care of my hair & my spirit felt refreshed as well. Can't wait to go back!
Renee C.
Tamiko Mccalister she's a beautiful person she understands if something your doing wrong to your hair she would let you know. From the very start when I met Tamiko it really seem like I been knowing her for a long time she really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone you go girl ! (Mind Spirit & Heart)
Vivian P.
Tamiko is the best! She gives you a creative look and style of your own. I love her!!...Ms. Debbie
Debbie E.
I absolutely loved my hair. I wasn't referred by anyone, I took a leap of faith and I am so happy that I did. My hair was bone straight and stayed soft and silky and very manageable. Thanks Tamiko
Tierra D.
AWESOME!!! She did a superb job on my hair! Very professional with a warm and inviting spirit! She made me feel like a million bucks! I hae had do many compliments on my hair in the few short hours since I've left the shop! Great Job! I WILL DEFINATELy BE GOING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN!! K. Sims
Kveta S.
Tamiko is such a great stylist I am truly blessed to have her as stylist... I tried other stylist and none of them compare with Tamiko Mccalister... Tamiko is great on time, Most times I go in to get my hair done and Im right out... My hair always look so beautiful after she is done and my hair grow so fast after Taniko does my hair. Im always satisfied leaving her shop..
Shona S.