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Inspired by an early love of 'making potions', I've always been excited and happy to learn about what I could throw together to make magic. This has lead to years of schooling and research into the most fascinating miracle that we have, our bodies! For me, a spa experience is never *just* a pedicure, never *only* a quick facial, its a mirror of you! A mirror of the unique challenges that your body is under. Your body is a tapestry of thousands of systems of checks and balances, and listening to what your body is expressing to us through a spa services makes for a better experience when you leave the spa. Every service done with me is done with positive intent, and it my sincerest wish that my love of providing the service bleeds into your experience.

Every product here is made organically in small batches, with ingredients you can recognize. I utilize a wide array of herbal and botanically based raw ingredients to make individualized treatments for each client. I am a firm believer that we are of this Earth, and the things of this earth are the best for us. 

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Taylor gives the best facial in town! She is so knowledgeable about skincare and does a fantastic job of making you feel pampered.
Janet B.
In 2015 I was fortunate enough to have my first pedicure appointment with Taylor. I had a plethora of medical issues and needed someone to assist with the maintenance of my toe nails. The answer was and is Taylor. Her professionalism is evident upon the first meeting, and she is well educated in her craft. Over the last three plus years she has helped restore the condition of the skin on my feet and the circulation health of my feet and lower legs, and as a bonus I have beautiful toenails in awesome colors. I look forward to my monthly pedicures! Taylor also gives an incredible facial, I enjoy them and my skin has never looked or felt better. I can highly recommend Taylor’s services, she is gifted at what she does, and a beautiful soul inside and out!
Kathy S.
Taylor is the best! I love going to her for my facial ( I try to go every two weeks); she is very professional but fun as well. Her loft is welcoming and will provide you some much needed relaxation. I highly recommend the signature botanical facial, it is amazing! Every time I leave Taylor's salon, my skin is at it's best and with her help, I was able to find the best natural products for my skin. I very highly recommend Taylor Richman, all her products are homemade and your skin will soak it all up. She is a very nice women who is sure to make you feel comfortable.
Savanna M.
I love Taylor's attention to detail during a facial. She really pays attention to your needs and adjusts accordingly. Just visited her yesterday and today my skin feels so soft!
Carrie C.
Seriously a blessing to my skin. After going to Taylor for my first facial, I quickly realized that the products she was using, my skin was loving. Her natural homemade products and tips for my skincare routine have completely transformed my appearance. She is so fun to talk to and has a wonderful relaxing environment. Every time I walk out of her loft, I’m setting up my next appointment!
Savanna M.