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My studio is conveniently located inside Salon Lofts Edgewood in Atlanta, GA. 

Imagine losing the hair in your eyebrows and now having a way to get them back.  Imagine waking up to flawless eyebrows that you don’t have to fill in with a pencil or worry about them washing off due to sweat or from general activities. Eyebrows frame the face and give expression. Before you make eye contact, you make brow contact. 


Hello, my name is Temeca aka "Mecca" and I'm from Atlanta and I’m the Artist to give your eyebrows life or give them back.


Narcissco Microblading Studio & Beauty Bar helps people who have suffered eyebrow hair loss for many reasons [such as alopecia, cancer, chemo/radiation treatments, stress, hereditary...etc] or for those who want to enhance their brows, save time filling them in or simply to reclaim their confidence and unique expressions thru Microblading and more.  


I am a certified Microblading Brow Artist who is licensed and insured, as well.  I spend my time practicing, researching and learning techniques to enhance the face using minimal skin interruptions and by using natural products that I find and create.  I am also a real artist who loves helping people to feel and look better visually.


My goal is to make your dreams come true and change lives!


Thank you for choosing Narcissco to make your day!







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  • PhiBrows
  • Deluxe Brows Microblading
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