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Welcome!  I am a Nail Therapist and a Certified Master Pedicurist through the North American School of Podology (NASP).  My goal is to not only to provide beautification and relaxation services, but most importantly, restore and help maintain the overall health of your hands and feet.  I spealize in working with diabetics and cancer patients.  I also help clients overcome nail disorders including ingrown nails, extreme calluses and fissures, as well as those suffering from thickened and discolored nails.  

What sets me apart from other nail spas?

  1. Medical Grade Sanitation- All tools are sterilized using an autoclave and all equipment is cleaned with hospital grade sanitizer in between each client. 
  2. No bacteria or fungal harboring pedicure jets
  3. Advanced training and use of specialized implements for diabetic nail care and nail disorders.
  4. Footlogix Products- a diabetic safe footcare product line
  5. Attention to detail!  I strive for perfection with every single client.
  6. A stress-free and luxurious spa experience! 

My personal goal is to raise the standard of nail care and bridge the gap between podiatry and nail technicians with increased field training in proper nail care.

Thank you for your interest!

Tera Kilian, CMP




  • Footlogix
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Tera looked at our raw and poorly cared for feet with compassion. She performed her services with professionalism and demonstrated her knowledge regarding how to improve the overall health of our feet. She exceeded our expectations! We left feeling so proud of our beautiful toes and our spirits were renewed. We consider her services as vital as any of our healthcare needs. Tera is very personable and her character is endearing.
Ramona B.
Tera Kilian has been doing my sculptured gel nails and spa pedicures for three years. I love how she takes the time to get to know you. She brought my ugly think sculptured gel nails from a chain nail spa and made my nails and toes nails healthy again. Tera also has taken time to because a nail design artist who for Christmas and Winter season did Frosty the Snowman. He came to life on my nails. I have intricate nail designs from her. Being in the medical field, I love that she sterilizes her instruments and uses hospital grade sanitizer to clean her instruments. You will love her. She makes you feel like you are important and pampers by giving you the best manicure and pedicure you ever received and offers complementary
Mindy S.
I was so grateful to find Tera Kilian who has such a deep commitment to providing outstanding and medically safe pedicures. When I was receiving chemotherapy, I wanted to have pedicures as part of my self care, but sanitation was of utmost importance given my compromised immunity. I have continued going given her warmth and commitment to excellent client service. She has also referred me to several other "Best in Class" vendor/professional services. She is outstanding and I'm very glad to give her the highest recommendation.
Chris M.