Hello and thank you for stopping by my page. I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and I am still as passionate about being in the business today as I when I first started into the business.

I have had training by some of the top trainers in this industry. I take great pride in all my work, I specialize in color, especially in highlighting. I take into consideration your hair texture and face shape to give you the best style to compliment you and your lifestyle as well.

I offer free bang trims in between all haircuts, and free perimeter trims for all of my short hair clients.




During the Pandemic Im not taking any form of Credit cards or debit at this time, sorry for any inconvenience. 

  • L'ANZA Healing Haircare
  • Wella
  • Color Proof
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I've never had a stylist in my life do what Teresa can do with my hair. She's Gteat! Barb C.
Barbara C.
Teresa has been my stylist for almost 5 years. I have always been pleased with the service she gives me. I get so many compliments on my hair. She is absolutely the best.
Jennifer A.
Teresa will not leave you less than impressed and loving your locks. She caters to whatever your hair needs are from color to cut. I personally am trying to grow my hair as long as possible and she always manages to trim just enough to keep it healthy but not enough for me to miss any length. If you wear highlights she is definitly your girl. She gets so close to your scalp you can add several weeks before your retouch. She is also able to recognize what your hair needs to reach its optimal health-from treatments to products. Pay her a visit and your hair will thank you!
Lindsey H.
Teresa has been doing my hair for many years now. She has only recommend the best products and has changed my hair and my life FOREVER!! Recently I decided to FINALLY try the Brazilian Blowout - I had heard good things, but I was still a tad skeptical. I knew Teresa wouldn't steer me wrong so I went for it. Two words, LIFE CHANGING!!!! I have spent my entire life trying to get straighter, frizzless, smoother, shinner hair and this Brazilian Blowout has given me hair I didn't know I could ever ever ever even dream of having. No longer do I need to make weekly salon appointments (although I miss seeing T greatly). I can do my own hair, in my own home. I can't imagine ever having to go without it. Favorite product of all time!!!
Lindsay G.
I always get tons of compliments after seeing Theresa! Wish she could "do" my hair every day!
Christina M.
I like to refer to Teresa Carter as “Mother Teresa, Patron Saint of Awesome Hair.” In the past 2-1/2 years since I met her, going to Teresa has become my longest running “hair relationship”—and deservedly so. She is the ONE stylist to have turned around my lifelong anxiety over having my naturally curly hair cut and colored. I now leave the salon happy and confident in my ability to recreate the look she’s helped me achieve. Teresa has also accomplished what no other stylist has ever helped me do: find a flattering style, a rich, beautiful, color, AND actually improve the health of my hair. Case in point: having her do a “Brazilian Blow-out” treatment to smooth and straighten my hair has been the best investment EVER. I’m no longer torturing my hair with a flat iron or weighing it down with innumerable products. My morning routine time has been cut in half because my hair is already smooth and humidity-proof. I now get more compliments on the cut, color and condition of my hair than ever before. Mother T—thank you for everything you do to take such good care of me and my ‘do!
Jennifer U.
I have had Theresa doing my hair for close to 20 years. She is the best!! I totally trust her to do anything she wants with my hair. She is also a great listener and friend. I love, love, love her and my hair.
Sandy S.
There isn't another stylist in town who can top your performance!
Karen M.
Teresa has been doing my hair for years now and she ALWAYS does an amazing job! I wouldn't trust my hair to any other person! She is so sweet and can make my hair look great! She's so amazing I call her "Mama Teresa!"
Ashley M.
Amazing Highlights!!! I actually live in West Virginia and drive 3 hours to get my hightlights done by Teresa! Ater getting my first highlights from her several years ago, I was hooked!! I tried a couple times in the last 6 years to get it done locally by NO ONE has done such a wonderful job. And at this point I don't even bother, I just drive the 3 hours and I'm much happier! Thanks Teresa, when you're ready to move to WV, let me know!!!
Stephanie C.
Teresa did the best highlights I have ever had done!! I would (and do!) drive hours for her to do my hair. Nikki Stillwell
Nikki S.
I will never let anyone else cut my hair! Teresa knows curly hair, straight hair, & everything in between. My frugal husband even sees Teresa for haircuts!
Christina M.
Teresa is a true hair artist. Ahave lways so much fun while getting great service.
Kelly M.
Teresa is the BEST! It was fate that I ended up in her chair. I went to Teresa at the last minute and what was supposed to be a one time emergency visit ended up giving me a new stylist. She has brought life to my hair! I have never met a stylist who knows as much about different hair types as she does. She gave me something I didn't even know I was missing. My hair is looking the best it has ever looked all thanks to her!
Lindsay G.
Brazilian Blowout is WONDERFUL! Before two months ago, my hair was course and frizzy even after I styled it. The only time it looked good was after Teresa styled it. Now, it still looks best after Teresa styles it, but I can wash & dry my hair with a minimum of fuss. I can even blow dry it; never could before! It's expensive, but truly worth it! My hair has never been this easy to care for. We just returned from a cruise and I had no troubles at all with the humidity and salt air, not to mention the ocean and the swimming pool! Highly recommend it!
Christina M.
Teresa has been doing my hair for over 8 years now. I have tried other stylists due to location but no one compares to her skill and personality! She is not only an amazing colorist and stylist, but a wonderful person as well! Kristen R.
Kristen R.
Teresa is a fabulous person and stylist. She truly does listen to what I want for my hair. I am ALWAYS pleased with what she does. She is such a personable woman, is fun to visit with and I love her dearly. I can't say enough good things about her. You will NOT be disappointed.
Donna S.
Teresa is the bomb diggity!!
Una B.