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The Look

WELCOME; Thank You for visiting!


THE LOOK is a private Single Service Salon, NO WALK-INS & MASKS REQUIRED Please!

During your service no one nor any other clients are present during your visit unless invited by you and confirmed with the Stylist. Our Market aim caters to clients on a Private Level, and your time is YOURS.

During your visit you will receive a full consultation based on services which includes a hair & scalp analysis to provide high quality care.


THE LOOK follows all CDC guidelines and maintains a clean work station always utilizing sanitized tools & implements. Nevertheless; we will do EVERYTHING to cater and make sure your visit is comfortable and welcoming.


AhMeiA Note from Anjei | Founder & CEO of The Look

There is much to be gained in the Beauty Industry but the GREATEST reward to me are the smiles received from being able to give clients what they desire.

I ALWAYS promote Happy & Healthy Hair which always begins with YOU loving your on tress of hair or head; whether you have some or none, it is long or short, high or low density, coarse or fine; I WILL HELP YOU TAKE CARE OF IT!



  • Design Essentials
  • Matrix
  • Ardell Naturals
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