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Tia's career began in the New Jersey – New York metropolis. She later relocated to Atlanta where she has been a stylist for the past 30 years.

 Tia's love of styling hair is reflected in each clients unique cut. Her
ultimate goal is to ensure that each client feels comfortable with their total
salon experience and confident that their style reflects their individual needs
and desires.

Recognized for her impeccable styling and attention to detail, Tia has been
featured in the pages of Black Sophisticated, Hype Hair, Mazza, Metro Styles and
Hot Atlanta to name a few.

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After just one appointment I knew that Tia would be my stylist of choice! I have lived in the Atlanta area for over 25 years and previously had the same stylist for the past 15 years. After a recommendation from a mutual friend I decided to give Tia a try and I haven’t looked back!   She gave me the perfect cut - low-maintenance yet edgy. Just right for my lifestyle and workplace! Now, she’ll always check to see if I have any specific needs (longer, shorter, highlights…etc.) but I usually end up letting her style me as she chooses. And she’s never gone wrong! What has impressed me even more is that she’s helped diminish a flakey scalp condition that has plagued me for years! I trust her completely with my hair!        Yolanda Y
Tia G.
Tia has been doing my hair for 10 wonderful years. I was frustrated with trying to find a dependable, dedicated, someone that wouldn't keep me in the shop for hours because they triple booked hairstylists. An associate of mine told me about Tia and ever since then wherever Tia was, whether it was Decatur or Marietta, I was right there! She is definitely a visionary because she can make ever hairstyle I want come true! I always tell my friends that you can't have just anyone styling your hair so once you find a GREAT hairstylist....STAY!  That is what I have found in Tia! :-)   Henrietta G  
Tia G.
A​bout 12 years ago my best friend was getting married, we were in desperate need to find a new hair stylist.  We were looking for someone that had a sense of style, that would not burn the hell out our ears or scalp, and would make us look like we had just gotten our hair done rather than looking like our mother had styled our hair.  We were both looking for the perfect person to do our hair.  When one day my friend got a referral to try this stylist that she knew.  The rest is history, twelve years later I am still with her.  Tia is by far the best of the best, she is extremely accommodating, works me in whenever I call ( even at 6:00am if that's what I need).  Last minute Susie is what she calls me, because of my work schedule I almost always get my appointments at the last minute, but she some how manages to fit me in no matter what. I'm asked all the time about my hair, who does your hair. Florence Mcaffee    
Tia G.