~Touching more hearts than hair ~

    My name is Tiffany. I have been a cosmetologist for 12 years. Ten of those 12 years have been spent in the Fields Ertel area. To say I am attached to my clients is an understatement, they are my friends and family. 

   The past 7 years at the previous salon were spent in management. I believe in being genuinely kind to everyone. I believe in listening. And I believe that there is always room to grow not only as a cosmetologist but overall as an individual.

  I am happy to continue this journey and so excited to meet new people in hopes to expand my friends and family !! 


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Tiffany has been taking care of myself and hubby for many years. She does a fantastic job at cutting hair and always a pleasure to be around. Thanks for always taking care of us, we look forward to visiting you at your new location. Jody G.
Kenny G.
Pretty much what everyone else has said is 100% true. Tiffany is the best, I've been going to her for years and once it was time for my son to start getting his hair cut you better believe there was no one else I trusted more and Tiffany has done a great job. My son is 3 and a half and loves going to get his hair cut.
Jeff B.
Tiffany does a awesome job cutting my hair, been seeing her for years now and so lucky to have her to be cut my hair. She is very friendly and outgoing and just great at what she does. I would recommend anyone to go see her.
Michelle D.
I have known Tiffany over 10 years and she is one of the best in the business! She has cut my whole family's hair and has never disappointed! I know that she is going to great things! We all love you Tiffany!
Susan H.
Tiffany always listens to what I want and I've never left disappointed! She is an absolute sweetheart and takes care of her clients! Looking forward to seeing her grow at Salon Lofts!
Nicole K.
Tiffany is the best!! After many years of cutting my hair, we’ve also became good friends. I’m very happy for your new adventure & I wish you well. I will be there to continue on with you. Good Luck my friend. I know you do great!!
Diana G.