I am an acrylic artist.  I strongly favor gel polish, encapsulated art, hard gel, nail extensions, even nail shapes (ballerina, coffin, almond, square, round, moon) are a great way to draw attention and interest to the nail as well.  I love to have fun creating... I need more hands!!! 

I've always found myself dabbling in ART.  Whether it's acrylic nails (since the 90's) or painting murals and holiday windows- nothing speaks to my heart like when I'm creating.  There is a place of true Zen- where the world is still and quiet and I'm just at peace.

I LOVE finding new products!  Things that make MY heart feel young again!  Beautiful glitters, Glow in the dark colors, Mood changing colors- It's all SO FUN!

I love the challenge of thinking through a new design or art style

I love the idea of doing what brings me joy and peace while helping someone else feel more confident or beautiful- it's truly MUTUAL BLESSINGS!!

I love when I can't stop staring at my nails because I love them! I seriously want other people to feel that way when they visit me. 

    Join me on YOUR journey of self-care and self-love because..... YOU MATTER!!!!!


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Best nail experience ever! Super relaxing and she did such a great job!
Cat P.