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  8. Scarves & Caps with attached Hair ... Custom Wigs ..*Raquel Welch
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I had another salon really mess up my hair. I have been ripped off by several other hair stylist. Tish is genuine and a great hair stylist who saved my hair.. She is awesome at extensions. I recommend her highly.
Konstantina R.
Tish is amazingly wonderful!! When we found each other, my hair was chemically damaged & dry, and I had a severe problem with breakage. The ends were always so much thinner than the roots, and I was always losing hair by the handsful with every shower. Now, at shoulder length, my hair is just as thick at the ends as at the roots, it is no longer dry & frizzy, and I no longer clog my shower drain with massive quantities of hair. I cannot state it enough...Tish is amazing!!
Cathy S.
This is the best colorist I have ever met. Tish new what I was looking for and did the best color. I have the color of hair that I had when I was 20. She has a great personality to go with her expertize.
Suzan O.
Tish, Is an Angel sent from the Hair Gods!! She made all my hair dreams come true!! I couldn't be more amazed, and truly happy with what Tish did for me and my hair!!! Not, only did she put in hair extensions, but she colored my hair and hi-lighted my hair, and styled my hair in the same appointed in record time and with such attention to detail, she has won me over for life! I love Tish!! She is my new best freind!! I love you Tish, You are the Greatest!!
Jennifer M.
Tish is an Angel! She was sent from the Hair Gods! I Went to Tish with a deep desire for Hair Extensions, Long, Hair Extensions!! I had previous hair damage, from being ill, being on different medications and having color treated hair. But, it was recovering well and ready for Extentions!! Tish made all my hair dreams come true!! Not only did she put extensions in my hair but she colored my hair and put hi-lights in my hair as well! It was the most enjoyable hair appointment I have ever had. She is very professional and an absolute sweet heart of a person. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist!
Jennifer M.
Tish is absolutely amazing! She nailed my platinum blonde color and I am in LOVE with my new hair cut. My platinum blonde locks are in the best shape they have been in quite some time. Tracy M
Tracy M.
Tish is absolutely wonderful! I stumbled upon her Loft, and have found both an incredible stylist and fabulus friend. She has an amazing ability and is so exceedingly talented. I am addicted to the Brazilian Blowout. It turns my naturally dry, frizzy and course hair into shiny, healthy and smooth hair! I never could have imagined that I would be able to have smooth hair in the Florida humidity, but Tish was able to change that for me. Thank you, Tish. -Patricia
Patricia C.
Tish is AMAZING!! I came to Tish 5 years ago, with dry,brittle,damaged,broken hair. I was in tears:( Tish helped get my beautiful healthy hair back. Tish has the unique talent of blending color and technique for the most natural look. No one will ever know:) I moved to LA for a few years and have traveled all over, have had my hair done by so called the 'Best" and still flew back to get my extensions done by Tish, since I could not find anyone comparable. If you don't believe me, just look at the pics, they speak a million words:)) Thanks Tish!
Liz G.
Everyone just loves my Daughters hair. Sabrina was glowing after we left from our our appt., you made her feel like a Princess! My hair, WOW! looking great, everyone has good things to say (and only 2 people know about the (extensions). When they ask who does my hair I let them about you and where your located, I really hope some come to see you. Thank You for everything!! For making me feel good about myself, and making my Daughter feel good about herself.
Kristine S.