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I am currently not accepting new clients in 2020 due to the back up of appointments from the covid closure. THANK YOU! 









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Tori has saved my hair time and time again. No matter where I live in comparison to her salon I will forever go to her! She is an artist, a very talented woman!
Lindsay C.
Tori is the BEST stylist I've had touch my hair! I had awful experiences at Rick Trent my hair started to fall out in clumps..I reached out to a couple stylists and felt roped into buying products or doing this or that when all I was doing was waistung time and money because my hair was still awful and I was thinking about shaving it at this point! It was devastating.. I reached out to Tori & let her know my hair tragedy & asked if she could help me. She accepted the challenge and let me just say I am absolutely so glad that I reached out to her. She began by helping me grow my hair slowly, stopped the damage processes by having me wait to dye it and she helped me stay positive about the situation! Losing your hair is very depressing and a real confidence killer! I couldn't imagine any success without your help! Thank you so much for being patient and being a great friend as well as stylist! You truly have a gift with hair & I won't ever see anyone else!
Brooke V.
Tori is a literal HAIR GODDESS. I will never let anyone else touch my hair. She is so amazing, personably, and breaths new life into my hair every time I sit in her chair. Make an appointment with her, and you will never go anywhere else. She is the BEST!
Michelle W.
Tori is seriously THE BEST EVER!! It hasn’t been the easiest to find someone who I trust with my hair wholeheartedly, and I’m so glad I’ve found Tori!! She takes her time, is super friendly and sociable, and will only do what is best for your hair! I’m in the process of going fully blonde and it’s been such an awesome experience. Yes, it would be amazing to go from all over dark to platinum in one appointment, but that’s not how it works, and like I mentioned Tori will MAKE SURE to always keep your hair looking amazing and healthy! And friendly, my goodness, is she friendly. We hadn’t talked since high school and at my first appointment it’s like we became besties. Anyways, long story short, contact Tori for all of your hair needs!! You’ll thank me later. ♥️
Sydney Z.