Tracy king forchue began his interest in beauty in 2015 ... thanks to that he took the initiative to take a seminar workshop of a new trend that had just begun to be a trend in Puerto Rico, called microblanding (hair to hair technique) after To finish it, she was so interested in beauty, that she continued to investigate and got a course of cosmetologist and aesthetics in the city of New York for 2 years, later she decided to do some specialties among them, camouflage of stretch marks a novel technique that is changing the beauty world.


 Tracy king is dynamic and likes variety, when she is not in the spa, she likes reading books, watching documentaries and drinking coffee, she is also a gym lover.  Currently working at Le Belle Aesthetic

  • Esthemax Professional
  • Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Bar
  • SugarLove Professional Sugaring
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