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Is standing amongst one of the greatest men Groomers of his era. Mr. Davis has sought after perfection with his skills, talents and techniques. He hosted continued education classes for the industry. As well as introducing “The Man Weave” to the Charlotte region. Comrades travel near and far to gain a snapshot of his know-how.

Being influenced by his mother, a 30-year industry professional, the passion she held became contagious.

“Tre Trimz” became accustomed to holding clippers at the age of 12. Thus the desire and spark of creativity was born. His love for the clippers would be put on the back burner as he pursued his B.A. in Business Administration. Mr. Davis’ corporate endeavors were successful and allowed him the experience needed in marketing and brand building. All the while, never kindling his passion for male grooming. Mr. Davis returned to his first love to earn his barber license.

From this platform “Tre Trimz” has received numerous awards, hosted events catered to male grooming, offers continued education classes and much more.

As “Tre Trimz” he continues to grow with education, motivation and mentorship. Setting the goals high so he continues to stay ahead of the game.

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