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Meet Versus Beauty Founders, innovative artists, and sibling duo, Jarvis and April. Growing up in a world of artistry, from mother who was a hairstylist, decorator, and impeccable homemaker, and father; photographer and musician, these two were destined to create. Jarvis and April, opposite in personality and their approach on life, represent a living personification of what Versus is founded on. Two opposing forces meeting in the middle to create something beautiful; harmony. April, who’s outer persona exudes dynamic energy, extroversion, and movement, balances perfectly with the outer persona of brother Jarvis; gentle energy, introversion, and stillness. At the same time each possesses the inner characteristics of each other; quite like Yin and Yang, where both possess the seed of their opposite. Much like their balancing relationship, their artistic skill sets and specialties combined offers their clients unlimited, uncompromising options. Versus represents connecting with and balancing all sides of our selves, in order to find true overall health and self love. This ancient concept is found in everything we do and is our mission in life. We believe we are here to share our journey, and to inspire beauty, love, and harmony within others. 

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