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After being in the hair industry for over 2 decades, I realized the limited options for clients who have hair loss.  I discovered very few salons in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati who offered wig costumization.  I found most salons offer a wig and send the clients on their way.  This approach left clients feeling unsure of their new look and having no support after their purchase.  I made it my mission to research and develop an approach so that I could make this challenge for women a more positive experience with oodles of options.  It became extremely important to me to be able to help women to feel and look their best during this challenging time in their lives, thus my creation of Salon Luxx!  My clients don't just purchase a wig and walk our the door.  You see, hair is a luxury for most women so whether it is your own hair or that of a wig, you will leave Salon Luxx feeling and looking good!  Not just once, as I will be available to you every step of the way.


A wig purchase at Salon Luxx includes:  a private consultaiton, customized shaping, and shampooing of the wig as needed for the duration of the time you are wearing it. 


Salon Luxx is all about supporting women to look and feel their best through their entire treatment process.  

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