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 "People will pay for services, but they'll invest in an experience".

Concluding my fourth professional year I have found tha it is time to take that next step in my business. I recognized that salon loft was a growing enterprise allowing business professionals like myself to create their own environment to cater to their specific clientele. 

 Yizclusive (exclusive) is what I model my brand after, whether it's the services, the products ,or just overall preception of what I have to offer. 

I am a master barber & men's grooming specialist offering a wide range of services/ treatments for not only men, but children and women as well. 

I have a background in business and marketing and implement the professional aspects and business concepts I've learned into my everyday routine. As a licensed professional barber I am constantly pushing the limited by separating myself & changing the status quo. 

CEO of Yizclusive Enterprises LLC. Yizclusive ™ and Lead educator for Yizclusive Next Level Learning where our mission is "inspiration through education and innovative mindsets". 

Active in the metro Atlanta area as well as the community giving back time to schools & organizations and donating funds to youth & less fortunate individuals. Giving is essential in ones growth. Without giving you'll never receive. 

Thank for taking the time to find out a little about myself and I hope to be seeing you soon. 

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