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Hello! My name is Zoe. I've been in the beauty industry for 3 1/2 years and absolutely love what I do! My specialty is color, specifically Balayage and vivid colors, but I express myself in all forms of hair design. You can find my work on Instagram at @zoebeehair

I moved to Cincinnati from Columbus in 2019 to start a new life with my boyfriend (who is now my Fiance!) We have two cats named Saturn and Mercury, and a bearded dragon named Zeus. I did my schooling in Columbus at The Salon Institute and worked in Columbus for a year at two different salons before making my way down to Cincinnati, and its the best decision I've ever made!

If you book a color service with me, make sure to follow me on Instagram! I like to do a mini consultation prior to your appointment so I can get an idea of what we're wanting and how to approach it!:)

Please note that due to safety and liability I cannot perform services on children younger than 5 years of age. I appreciate your cooperation!

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My hair is extremely thick and tends to be hard to work with, but Zoe is able to thin it out for a better cut. Zoe is an extremely reliable stylist and always does a wonderful job when I go in. She does well with any length and her color is just as good as her styles.
John W.
I have been a customer of Zoe’s since she was training in salon school. Her eye for color, desire to please the client, and ability to add her signature to the hairstyle makes Zoe a true artist. She always excited to see me and makes me feel like I’m her favorite client!
Amy D.
Zoe is always spot on! I’m known for having crazy hair, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle getting my hair in check, but Zoe let me know exactly what steps I needed to take to make sure I was treating and styling my hair right. She works with you and your hair to find the best cut you can get.
Colin C.
I love how Zoe does her color, she dyed mine a really light pastel lavender that turned out extremely pretty and better than I imagined. My hair also felt like it had no damage done to it and was still extremely soft. Zoe is the only person O trust to do my hair.
Elaina C.
Zoe is amazing!! Her loft has a warm, friendly, welcoming energy, and she's always full of tips and recommendations for hair care and style choices! She also helped me come to a decision on what style I wanted, and I LOVE IT!! This was my first haircut from anyone besides my dad, and I 10/10 would recommend her, she's truly amazing, and I will be going back for sure!!
Theodore B.
Zoe is always spot of with her work. I have never had anything to complain about I. The slightest, and her constant good attitude is contagious! And she always recommends the absolute best products based on what kind of hair you have. Thick or thin, she always knows what’s best!
Donovan A.
Pretty much my whole adult life I exclusively got my haircut at chain places "for men" and every haircut I got wasn't quite right. I started to think my hair was just uncuttable until I got a cut from Zoe. She did a fantastic job and so far, it's the best haircut I've gotten. Zoe is a phenominal stylist and I would recommend her to everyone.
Tyler P.