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We are constantly expanding our network and building new locations to make it more convenient for you to find the right Salon Lofts in your area. Our Market Managers will walk you through facilities and answer any questions. Call today for more information on reserving your very own loft.

Simple Scheduling

At Salon Lofts we provide you with ground-breaking online tools that makes managing your schedule a breeze. Your clients will love how easy it is to schedule with you.

Client Management

One location to manage all of your client's information. Store history of services provided, frequency of visits, color formulas and the products your clients use.


Hear from other beauty professionals about the experience and education they get at Salon Lofts. Experience the stores and meet others with similar personal and professional goals who have joined the Salon Lofts community.

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Jason Caldwell
Hair Stylist
Columbus, OH
Jason Caldwell

"I joined the community of Loft Owners at Salon Lofts with high hopes and a desire to build my business. I received terrific marketing tools which assisted me in acquiring new clients. I planned on gaining 2-4 new clients per month, but in the 1st month and a half I've averaged 12-15 per month. In the last week alone I've gained 5 new clients!"

"I love my salon location. Everything is modern, chic, elegant, and is setup perfectly for me to become even more successful. The high end design of the salon has allowed me to set a competitive pricing structure that clients are more than happy to pay."

"Salon Lofts has exceeded my expectations. I love the freedom and independence that I have found in the Salon Lofts community of Loft Owners."

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Millicent Larson
Hair Stylist
Cincinnati, OH
Millicent Larson

"Joining Salon Lofts has been a great decision for me. The company's vision, the way they drive clients to my business, their facilities support, and cool designs have been carefully planned with my success in mind. Most of all, the autonomy I have at Salon Lofts is my favorite part of being a Loft Owner."

"The vision to provide space and resources to beauty professionals so that they can be happy and successful; which in turn makes Salon Lofts successful, seems like common sense. In my experience, this common sense is lacking in other salons."

"As a result of the tools and marketing activities from Salon Lofts corporate, I've had on average a few walk-ins every week. The constant push from the Salon Lofts staff to increase consumer awareness of the Salon Lofts Brand and its website has increased traffic to my business. I like the prompt response that I receive from the facilities maintenance team, and the helpful and friendly administrative staff at Salon Lofts corporate."

"It's clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into the store design; I enjoy the aesthetics of the space and the cool vibe of the store. My clients love it here and have shared many positive things about their experience; for me, it comes down to freedom. I love the freedom I have at Salon Lofts."

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April Brooks
Hair Stylist
Columbus, OH
April Brooks

"My business grew very quickly at Salon Lofts, and I am thankful for the support I was given to handle the growth. While in the industry, I have worked as an artist, educator and mentor. My ability to create exceptional hair styles comes from a deep understanding of the hair industry. As a Salon Loft owner I am allowed the freedom of being an independent artist with a new, fresh and inspiring outlook in my profession."

"The Salon Loft concept has made me stronger, more artistic, and has enabled me to show my true confidence, desires and strengths. My clients love the salon, the environment and the energy they feel when they're in my loft. I work with a great, enthusiastic team of Salon Loft owners in the Dublin location where you can sense the family oriented environment."

"I take pride in not only delivering exceptional service but also making sure everyone has a wonderful experience. Being a Salon Loft owner has allowed me to offer my personal touch and excel in everything I do. Salon Loft ownership is the true key for allowing my blessings of creativity and success to be shared."

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Debbie Hendrickson
Hair Stylist
Tampa, FL
Debbie Hendrickson

"I was looking for a change with a new concept and Salon Lofts provided it. I've been here for two years and my business continues to grow. This is due to location and the Salon Lofts' website corporate provides to each loft owner. The website allows me to incorporate marketing strategies, email, and enables my clients the freedom of online scheduling. This allows my business to run 24/7."

"At my previous salon, I was in a private room but what differs at Salon Lofts is the accessibility of an entire salon in one loft, everything I need to operate my business. My clients love the warm environment of being in my loft, and the best part is I got to decorate it myself."

"When issues arise, they are promptly handled by corporate and the facilities maintenance team. This provides for a professional business atmosphere."

"Salon Lofts takes pride in its facilities. It is fresh, vibrant, and elegant. The security system also gives me a feeling of comfort when working late."

"I take pride in being a hairstylist. Providing exceptional service to my clients is my #1 priority."

"My decision to become a loft owner at Salon Lofts has been the right one and it has positioned me to become more successful in my business."

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I become a Loft Owner, will I be working for Salon Lofts?
    No - each Loft Owner practices beauty as an independent consultant. Loft Owners have the freedom to manage their own schedule, clientele and decorate their space as they see fit. You get all the benefits of owning your own salon without the risks.
  • What kind of tools are available to me to help me get started?
    Our state of the art facilities and high-quality equipment are at your disposal as a Loft Owner. You will also have access to ground-breaking online tools that will make recruiting clients and managing your schedule a breeze. Your clients will love how easy it is to schedule time with you, and you will never have to play phone tag again. Because we are dedicated to your success, we provide timely support and advice for all your business and styling needs.
  • How can I enhance my skills as a beauty expert?
    Salon Lofts offers all of its Loft Owners access to the best education in the industry. You will also be surrounded and supported by other beauty experts in our community. As a Loft Owner, we'll do everything we can to support you and ensure your success as an independent beauty expert.
  • I work in a salon now and I'm not sure my clients would follow me if I left. Can I still become a Loft Owner?
    Absolutely! Just bring your talent and passion and let Salon Lofts help you grow your business. Remember when your old salon fed you new clients. Salon Lofts thinks the same way but this time the client belongs only to you.
  • Can I be a Loft Owner and balance my family life?
    As a Loft Owner, you alone are in charge of your schedule. You work the hours you want and as many or few as you need to be your own boss!
  • How can I add my personality to my Loft?
    Your Loft is your own personal space to practice beauty and make your clients as comfortable as possible. For this reason, it is yours to decorate as you see fit and let your personality shine. We feel this makes a real difference for each beauty professional - one your clients will notice, too.