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 With more than a decade in the esthetics "YuliyaD Wax and Skin Beauty Lounge" is celebrating another anniversary of being on my own ! Wow, what a great 8  years it has been!! Thank you to ALL who supported me through the years. This has always been my passion,this is truly my dream job!!


  The journey in the Beauty Industry started at 18 when I won a major International Beauty Pageant and got to work with the best  Makeup Artists in the world.  They have shown me lots of "tricks of the trade" that I still use today.  My "past life in the World of Makeup" led me to seek more knowledge at AVEDA Institute.  More advanced classes, training courses, certificates, workshops, trade shows and continued education followed.  With all this intense training, expertise and strong belief in getting superior education + using the best products + latest technology, my motto has always been to put "ahh" back in "Spa-ahh!".

  I want my clients to get the best experience, the best service, five-star spa treatment and attention to detail they haven't seen anywhere else.

I was one of the first people in Cincinnati performing LASH EXTENSIONS 10 years ago,with being professionally certified by Extreme Lashes and Nova Lash.

 My "Claim to Fame" is Brow Design and Brazillian. My love is a Skincare/Facials.

  It is truly an Art to shape the brow the way it highlights the best features of your face and keeps everything else in balance.  I feel I am an Artist every time I do it.  So satisfying!!

  Brazilian waxing takes great skill, efficiency and speed.  There is no such thing as a "good slow waxer," lol.  I have received extensive training in Brazilian waxing techniques from the "best of the best" in buisness-Anna Giguere and "Queen of Wax" Lori Nestore.  Perron Rigot and Berins companies have been recognized worldwide as the finest in depilatory products and I want nothing but the best for my clients!

  Performing a Facial gives me a chance to transfer to a client this positive Energy, Peace, Love and Passion I feel for my work that is burning inside me, because this is not work after all to me.  It's my purpose.  My calling.  My love.     









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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
She is amazing! My first experience with a brazilian was a few years ago and it was so awful,I couldn't even finish. Her technique is fast and totally tolerable. She's hilarious and very personable. Will definitely be going back.
Laina D.
Let me just say that when I moved to Cincy 3 years ago, finding Yuliya was the greatest thing that happened to me. I recently have moved to Columbus and I literally still drive down to get my brazilians and brow waxes bc NO ONE DOES IT BETTER. My brows look INCREDIBLE when she does them. I trust her with everything.
Rachelle C.
Yuliya is unbelievably talented! Love, love, love everything she does but particularly wild about her lash extensions! She is the best! Highly recommend.
Tracey S.
I went to Yuliya many times!!! her services are excellent, she is well educated in her field and she knows how to use it.I like how everything is clean in her office and how she handles your face or body with care !!!Thank you Yuliya since I met you ,you made life fun and easy just because of you, ULIYA I love you and thank you!!!!!! SCORE 10/10
Samia T.
3 WORDS, excellent,knows her field, take care of the customer! with a beautifull smile from the heart. That's Yuliya,I've being going to Yuliya now for more than 2 years never being desapointed always happy and in a good mood because she is very funny. I thank you Yuliya and I love You! Samia
Samia T.
Yuliya is wonderful at her job. She is communicative which i like and is very gentle in the procedures she performs. We all know waxing can be a little touchy sometimes. She does a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing her this week!!! She also does a fantastic job on eyebrows which i will be having done again and perhaps the lash tinting!@
Marianna C.
Love Yuliya - great waxing... highly recommend!
Robin M.
Yuliya is the BEST! She is the fastest and funniest around. You will NEVER be sorry to do business with her! H. Webb
Helen W.
Amazing. I have been going to Yuliya for a couple of years now (on a friend's rec) and she is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and makes me laugh. She is the absolute best and I keep telling everyone that she is the one to go see.
Heather F.
Yuliya is incredible- She did an amazing job with my bridal makeup. I felt exactly like myself, only way better. She completely understood the look I was going for and executed better than I could've imagined. The same attention to detail was even given to my bridesmaids- they looked flawless. To top it off, she's just great to work with. She made everyone feel so comfortable and always reminded us to laugh. Highly recommend for any wedding!
Kristen L.
Yuliya was referred to me by a friend after my eyebrows were ruined at a previous waxing appointment. Since then she has been shaping my eyebrows and I have never been disappointed. I refuse to let anyone else touch them even though I live in another country. She is that good! Highly highly recommended! - Kiran
Kiran B.
Yuliya is by far the best Eyebrow designer I have ever gone too. She is so passionate about what she does. My eyebrows have never looked so good. She also takes time to educate you on how to maintain your eye brows until your next visit...it's great! I would highly recommend her! Maggie T.
Maggie T.
I will never trust another with my skin or brows ever again! After having a baby my skin reacted terribly, I tried everything and nothing worked. I was so embarrassed until visiting Yuliya!!! In one short visit she worked miracles and my skin is now flawless! Also she is the brow God, bringing me back to life! She is so uplifting and such a positive beautiful person inside and out! Highly recommended!!!!!
Maggie W.
Yuliya is the very best! She always make me feel so comfortable and does excellent work. I love her and would NEVER trust anyone else!
Gabby T.
Yuliya has been my eyebrow designer for a couple years now. I am so happy that I found her, because without her my eyebrows would still look like a four-year-old took some scissors and glue to them. I am so happy with my eyebrow shape and I have only Yuliya to thank! She is truly the master of eyebrow design. Yuliya is the most friendly and caring designer I have ever met and she will truly give five-star service every time. I would not trust any other person to do my eyebrows.
Victoria L.
This was my first appointment with Yuliya ... and in all of the years (and it's been many) the VERY BEST brow designer I have ever met -- even with my "not so good - thin brow" -- she did AMAZING job ....... will keep with her forever!!!
Charlotte G.
Amazing at her job! This girl will make you look fabulous!
Brittany S.
Yuliya is the best! I echo what everyone has already said. She is extremely professional and skilled, but also a lovely energetic person. I have been waxing for years, but waxes with Yuliya are as close to pain free as waxing gets!
Vanessa N.
Yuliya is the best! I echo what everyone has already said. She is extremely professional and skilled, but also a lovely energetic person. I have been waxing for years, but waxes with Yuliya are as close to pain free as waxing gets!
Vanessa N.
Yuliya is the best! I echo what everyone has already said. She is extremely professional and skilled, but also a lovely energetic person. I have been waxing for years, but waxes with Yuliya are as close to pain free as waxing gets!
Vanessa N.
Yuliya has been in charge of my skin care - and I could not be happier! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a true passion for beauty. I've learned a lot of "behind the scenes" tips and tricks from her that help me look and feel my best between professional treatments. Five star service along with a personal touch. Many thanks! Elena
Elena P.
Yuliya is so passionate about what she does and has such an eye for detail even a brow wax is truely a spa experience with her!!
Lea Anne W.
Yuliya is so kind hearted you can tell she truly has a passion for what she does. Her personality is amazing and her dedication to what she does shines through! She does an amazing job and makes you feel so comfortable and truly puts you at ease. I will continue to go there for waxing and will start trying facials there as well. I couldn’t be happier, in fact I just saw her today. She truly puts a smile on my face! Amy F.
Amy F.
I found Yuliya through a recommendation from a friend. As we all know, getting a Brizallian is very intimidating at the start. I have gone to MANY people in the city, even the touted 'Best in the City' and i really think there needs to be a revote, because Yuliya is amazing, fast, and very professional! The best I've ever gone to...in multiple cities! I started to go to her for shaping and tinting of my brows also...I just made an appointment for a facial as well. Honestly she is my go-to for all skincare! She has the expertise in every area of skincare. I have referred several friends and they all LOVE her! Going to her is like a little relaxing escape from your everyday!
Megan T.
Yuliya is terrific - she is very professional, quick and keeps your mind off waxing so much that it's over before you know it! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Sarah G.