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Men, if you're looking for a go-to stylist, Annie is your gal. I've known her for years and she is one of the few stylists in the Houston area with a special talent and passion for men's hair. My husband's hair and beard looks its absolute best under her care. His work requires a lot of front facing interaction with older clientele in Fortune 500 companies, so he needs to look sharp and professional even while keeping his beloved millennial beard and Annie nails it every time.
Sk W.
Before Annie I used to get my hair cut and styled at the franchise places. Then 4 years ago I met Annie and gave me advice on how to style my hair. I started going to her soon after and have only gotten services from someone else when she wasn’t available. It was a rough few weeks after as my I wasn’t comfortable style my hair and it looked and felt wrong. As soon as she was back I made another appointment and got everything back to how I like it. I won’t go to another person as long as Annie is available. No one knows me or knows what I like better. Stephen P.
Stephen P.
Three years ago I decided to make an appointment with Annie upon a recommendation from a friend and I'm glad I did. Annie is by far the best stylist I've ever had. You can easily tell from the very first meeting that she is very passionate about what she does and is a master of her craft. I love going to get my haircut with Annie because not only do I look and feel great afterwards, but I know that others share the same sentiment. I get so many complements on my hair whenever Annie finishes working her magic! To top it all off, she's extremely friendly and wonderful to talk to. It's always great catching up during a session and time always flies cause we're both having a great time exchanging stories. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Annie. There's a reason she's always booked unless you do it well in advance.
Jayvin S.
I know I’m not the only guy out there when I say this but when a stylist gets your cut right every time you stay loyal to that stylist and follow them wherever they go. Annie is one such stylist. Annie does such an amazing job that I will follow her wherever she goes. There has never been a “oh she must have been having a bad day” or a “she cut it a lot shorter than I asked for” haircut experience. She is consistent and does a great job every time!
Chris C.
Annie has been cutting my hair for the past 5 years. She is hands-down the best hairstylist I've ever had. From day 1, Annie figured out my mid-length, fine hair. My style and self-confidence have improved so much thanks to her. She has educated me on products and styling techniques so I can reproduce the great look she gives me every time I visit. Appointments are always fun - she is a genuine, enthusiastic and caring person. Go see Annie, get an amazing cut and learn how to style your hair for life.
David E.
I've been a loyal customer of Annie's since she started doing hair and let me tell you - she does the best fades in town. I trust her so with my hair so much that I don't even tell her what I want anymore, I just show up and tell her to do her thing. She has always taken care of me and even though I travel for work and it is often difficult to fit it into my schedule, I never let anyone else touch my hair because it's worth it to wait and get it done right with Annie.
Dave D.
I have been getting my hair cut by Annie for the past five years. I’ve moved further out to the suburbs and still go to Annie. Nobody compares to her haircutting technique! She gets it right every time, even when we shake things up. If you want to chat while getting your haircut she’s also a great person to talk to about anything! I always feel great leaving after getting my haircut because I know I look great! Annie knows all about hair, she will tell you what look works best, how to style at home, and what product works best for your hair so you can feel like you’re looking your best when you want. Hell, even when I roll out of bed my hair looks great. Annie’s the best!
Taylor G.