COVID UPDATE: With the COVID pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, we are all doing our part to stay safe and healthy. I'm committed to minimizing your exposure in my private boutique setting by implementing stricter cleaning protocols than required. In addition to recommended guidelines, I am utilizing UV sterilization for tools (brushes, clips, shears) and HEPA air purifiers to help improve the sanitation of my space and practices. All salon surfaces are sterilized with disinfectant wipes and the entire loft receives a full spray down with Lysol between each client. All capes, my apron, and towels are fresh for each client, and I am thoroughly cleaning my hands as well as wiping down my cell phone and drinking cup throughout the day. Please help me maintain a clean and sterile environment by waiting for my text/call in your vehicle prior to your appointment, ensuring you are wearing a mask, practicing sound cleanliness habits, and minimizing both occupants and handling of merchandise during your appointment. Appointments may be slightly delayed from your scheduled time while I work to make the environment as safe as possible; patience is appreciated while we adapt to our new norm. If you or someone you've been in contact with have tested positive for COVID, may be experiencing symptoms, or have recently travelled, please notify me so that we can reschedule your appointment the soonest.

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