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I am a stylist who has been in the industry 11 years. I enjoy barbering as well as multiple types of hair coloring and cutting services. My passion for continued education reflects in the time I spend learning new tricks for my guests and making sure we stay up to date on trends while keeping the classics alive as well!

  • Wella Color
  • Peter Coppola Keratin Concept
  • Pravana
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I’ve had 3 women, whom were SENSATIONAL at doing hair, told how attractive I was my whole life and that my hair had a big role in my looks, with no hesitation I trusted her after seeing her do a couple clients hair and it hands down the greatest decision I’ve made in my life besides the Marines. She's a miracle worker with clippers in her hands and she connects to peoples souls with how she can do hair. That’s what truly makes her the best. Anyone can learn how to do hair, just as easily as they can learn how to sing, yet God created her with a gift no one else can use.
Hailey E.