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I'm Ayanah!

I'm a Master Cosmetologist and Professional Makeup Artist! I'm a multicultural stylist (I do EVERYONE'S hair & makeup!) and I genuinely care about your hair, and its health. I am a "shop baby", my mother has been licensed and practicing all of my life in NJ and I am keeping it in the family! 

I am a Beauty Pro with the celebrity beauty agency beGLAMMED, owner of PrycelessPieces (a Virgin hair company) and a serious business woman!

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For more info or to book, visit    @ayanahhanaya       @ayanahanayabeauty


I would love to be your stylist!

  • Sexy Hair Care
  • Kenra
  • Pravana
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My makeup is always flawless! She actually LISTENS to me and does it the way I want! I always look naturally made up!
Selena R.
I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional services received by Ayanah. She is professional, while providing quality service in a very professional environment. I always leave the salon 100% satisfied.
Terrill M.
I absolutely LOVE her! Her personality is amazing and every time I get a service she makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful women ever! Very talented young lady and extremely professional!
Jamayne G.
When I was first introduced to her I said to her "you can do white people hair?" She said "Sweety I can do ALL peoples hair!" And she wasn't lying! lol !!! I am always satisfied!!! I will truly miss her being mobile, but have to say she did a great job with her decorations and I still get the intimate one on one feel just like she's in my home!!
Laura B.