I have been a manicurist for almost 20 years.  I've worked most of those years in Creve Ceour. I've had over 80% of my clients for over 15 years. I love doing nails but even more I love the relationship it allows me to have with my clients.

I love to be challenged with an idea that a client might have or to come up with something completely new and exciting, customized for who ever is sitting in front of me. I have a very large selection of gel colors and even more glitter, additives and nail art options.

It is important to me that clients experience a pleasant comfortable service. I hope that their time with me is an escape from the day, but it is equally important that they have knowledge about their nails and the service they have been given. This is what ensures real success with the product and that they get the most from time and money.

I have been an industry educator for 13 years. My experience as an educator has taken me to a professional level unobtainable by just working in the salon. I am always excited to bring this experience into the salon for my clients.  

I am a Creative Nail Design certified master. 


  • Gelish
  • OPI
  • CND
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Becky is a true master of her craft. She matches extreme creativity with knowledge. Since seeing Becky my nails are healthier then they have ever been and I get more compliments on my nails then ever before. She is without question the BEST nail technician in St. Louis! Lastly, I will say that I also truly enjoy the time I spend with her every 2 weeks. Seeing Becky for your nails is a MUST-DO if you are in the St. Louis area!
Carley G.
Becky has completely & utterly transformed my nails! I thought my nails were ruined for life from not taking the best care of them, now they are one of my most favorite things on my body! I have not just gained my lifelong nail tech, I have gained a second mother. Her knowledge, advice, & escape from the real world is my favorite part of every service. She’s the most awesome human being & I would recommend her to all my family & friends!
Destiny G.
With Becky I don't just get a manicure. My nails are a work of art. She has such a creative mind and I always just let her do her thing and they always look amazing!! People stop me to comment every time she does my nails. You've gotta try her out
Jessica M.
She's the best!
Sandra F.
Becky has been doing my nails for over 10 years and I absolutely love her (and my manicures)! When you walk into her loft, you'll feel like you've gone to a spa. She has attended to every detail to make your visit special. Sitting down with Becky every two weeks is my "therapy" time. She may think it's all about the nails - but it's oh, so much more! Becky is a great listener and knows each of her clients and how to make us happy. I'm one of Becky's more "traditional" clients - let me tell you, she does a fantastic French manicure, but if you are looking for something more creative - she's all about it and will create something special just for YOU! Kathy S.
Kathleen S.
Becky is a nail genius! She has improved the state of my mails physically while educating me on care and maintenance for home. Becky provides an experience that is more than "polish and go"; it is relaxing yet invigorating to be at Oh My Nails. I've be a client for 14 years and I tell everyone I know to visit Becky, she provides a wonderful service for male and female alike!
Stacy S.
Becky is the greatest, always ready to work with your ideas for something different in a manicure. I've been with her over ten years and my hands and nails have never looked so good.
Genie H.
Becky has helped me to get my nails in shape and keep them this way. I was a chronic nail biter but now I get so many compliments due to Becky’s great work. She also does awesome pedicures!
Janet A.