I have been in the hair industry since 2012; however, my passion for hair was ignited at a very young age. Little did I know when I was doing my friends' color in the bathroom that I would one day get to share this love with all sorts of people! I have learned over the years that transforming an individual's hair has the power to do so much more than changing the color, length, or style of the hair on one's head. My greatest joy is seeing my clients gain a newfound confidence and boost in self-esteem in addition to their new hairstyle.  I adore making my clients laugh and being able to aid them in having a bit of "me time" during the moments that they share with me in the chair.

When working on a client's hair, I strive to be fully transparent and have an open mind.  I pride myself on being a good listener and developing the best plan to achieve your hair goals. Sometimes this means experimenting with a cut you never knew would be so flattering or color combinations that you didn't know would compliment each other so well! 

For the past few years, I have honed my skills with men's cuts and shorter styles by working in an award-winning Triangle-based barbering salon. I've trained with and worked with some truly talented barbers and stylists. This has gifted me with more knowledge to make your experience even better. I've come to realize that even with a smaller amount of hair, there is still a ton you can do! Short does not equate to boring. I enjoy creating texture and dimension in shorter hair.  With that being said, I have not taken a break from doing longer hair and color. I continued to do so in my spare time and have continued to stay up-to-date on the latest color trends, brands, and techniques. We truly live in an exciting time for hair and in a world where freedom of expression is becoming embraced.

Whatever your hair story is, I can't wait to meet you and become a part of it!

NOTE: For Color Service Booking, please call for appointment!


Color Service Pricing: 


All over color- $70+

All over color/cut/style-$95+

Color Retouch-$50+

Color Retouch/Cut and Style-$75+

Full Foil-$180+

Full Foil/Cut and Style-$200+

Partial Foil-$140+

Partial Foil/Cut and Style-$165+

Short Hair Foil-$80+

Balayage Highlights-$140+

Baylage/Cut and Style-$165+

Ombre Color-$150+

Ombre/Cut and Style-$175+

Face Framing Highlights-$100+

Face Framing Highlights/Cut and Style-$125+

Peekaboo/accent foils-$80+



**Prices are a general estimate, exact pricing will be based upon consultation**


Cancellation Policy:

Please call, text, or cancel online within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. No-shows will receive a warning after first time; from then onward, a credit card will have to be on file and will be charged for the appointment cost.

I understand that things happen, just try to be respectful of my time and the time of others that may also be trying to get an appointment. Thank you!!



+ Refer a friend and you both get 15% off your next haircut and 10% off a color service.


Make sure to let me know either in the appointment note or in person. Tell your friend to mention it as well!


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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Beth has been doing my hair for years! I'm a guy who can be a little particular about how his hair looks, and Beth has ALWAYS given me a consistently excellent cut. Like that old Men's Warehouse tagline, you're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.
Jordan C.
I have had my hair cut and styled by Beth for the past five years. She is incredibly skilled and I have not encountered such excellent technique paired with warm personality in a hairstylist like her. For anyone looking for amazing service and styling, go to Beth!
Gene C.
I met Beth through my father when he used to go to Arrow. He said “Beth has been cutting my hair for a long time and she’s incredible” I started going, and was immediately impressed. She’s charming, personable, and she’s been giving me the best haircuts I’ve ever gotten. I used to go to an unnamed “assembly line” style company and their haircuts were decent. Beth blows them all out of the water. Her cuts are consistent and pleasing. I get my haircut every two weeks like clockwork, and I’ve always gotten the same cut, which is exactly what I’m looking for. HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who asks. Great stylist, great person!
Remy M.
Beth is fantastic! When I moved to Raleigh I was looking for a new place to get a haircut. Ever since I received my first haircut with Beth, I haven’t looked back! I highly recommend for anyone looking to get a great haircut with a great person.
Tyler C.
Beth has been cutting my hair for years. When she left her previous salon, I followed her to Salon Lofts. She cuts hair with precision and flair and makes honest styling suggestions. I receive many compliments on my cut, and I know it's a good haircut when perfect strangers come up and compliment me on it. I highly recommend Beth.
Tina R.
Beth is by far the best hairstylist I've ever had! She always makes me feel so comfortable in her chair and so confident and beautiful after she's worked her magic! She has done multiple colors and cuts on me I have NEVER been disappointed. Her coloring skills are out of this world and she always manages to get my hair exactly how I ask. So lucky to have found such a sweet, talented hairdresser! Truly one of a kind!
Miah A.
Beth is more than a hairstylist. Beth is an artist!! No matter what I ask of her, she delivers in the most amazing way. In the past she has turned me into a red and firey phoenix, a rose gold goddess and a natural beauty. I know that sounds conceited, but that's how I feel after leaving her chair. She makes me feel confident and proud to show off my locks! She has such a fun and upbeat energy when you are in her chair and her passion shines through everything she does. I never think twice about who I'm going to call when I need anything done to my hair. Beth is my lady!
Brittany W.
This woman is a hair genius. I've had horrible experiences with people messing up my long blonde hair, but this woman knows how to get the PERFECT blonde, and cut off my long hair without me regretting it the next day. She has such an eye for the art of hair that I have total and complete trust in her. Her personality is extraordinary and her charisma has a way of making you feel comfortable when you're at your most vulnerable. I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Erica P.