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Social media is an amazing, not to mention free, marketing tool for businesses both big and small. As an independent beauty professional, it’s important to take advantage of its opportunities. That brings us to Instagram Stories, the platform’s function which allows you to post pictures and videos that vanish within 24 hours. It offers up a sense of urgency, like watch this now or you’ll miss out (and no one wants to feel that FOMO). It’s also a great way to keep your feed looking fresh and, as its name suggests, tell a story with a slew of photos or messages.

So, what’s the best way to utilize Stories to promote your salon suite? Allow us to be your guide.



Do you know what beauty lovers obsess over? Professional tutorials -- just look at the success of beauty influencers on YouTube! Use Instagram Stories to explain and show how you create gorgeous beach waves or perform your signature facial. Whatever service or treatment you’re known for -- show ‘em how it’s done (literally!). It’s a fun way to offer a little added value to your clientele with your vast beauty knowledge and draw in new faces who like what they see. Keep in mind that if you choose to use Instagram Stories Highlights, these tutorials can actually live permanently on your profile.



Everyone has an opinion, so let your clients voice theirs! Once you’re in Stories, look on the left side of your screen and click on the word Create. Here you’ll find a bunch of fun options to add to your Stories, including a poll. You can add photos of different makeup looks or trends and ask followers to vote on which they prefer (and of course you could do the same with hair styles, product recommendations, nail get the idea). It’s a fun way to interact with your clients and followers, but also provides good intel about the looks they’re really feeling at the moment.



Are there products related to your beauty services that you’re absolutely loving right now? Show them off in Stories, explaining what each one does and why you recommend it. Product junkies will love to know what’s in your beauty arsenal and appreciate the suggestions. You can also show off a montage of some of your favorite trends, which will give clients an idea of what to ask for when they visit your salon suite for their next appointment.



Give social media followers a little behind-the-scenes look at your day, whether that means showing off all of the stunning looks you created that day or time-stamped moments featuring the day in the life of a beauty pro. This is really helpful in giving potential clients an up-close look at what you do and how you do it. Don’t forget to throw in fun facts about yourself as well, like things the camera didn’t capture. You can open yourself up to questions on Stories with the “Ask me a question” feature. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer everything and can pick and choose which questions you want to dive into.



Stories is a fantastic place to share rave reviews from your clients. Ask them to share selfies after an appointment, tagging you and your salon, so that you can add it to your profile. Word of mouth is huge for driving more business. If a potential client is looking at your Instagram feed and sees how much someone adores their new highlights or manicure, they’re much more likely to book an appointment of their own. If you choose to use Instagram Stories Highlights, you can make client testimonials a permanent feature on your profile.

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