How to Create a Zen Den in Your Salon Suite

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We hear a lot of chatter about work-life balance and self-care, all while living mindfully and authentically. Sometimes the noise from all of the dos and don’ts of what we should and shouldn’t be doing to live our best lives can be overwhelming. One simple way to give your mood the boost it deserves is to create a work environment that feels calm, happy, and relaxed. If the idea of making your salon suite a “good vibes only” sanctioned space for both you and your clients sounds appealing, it can be as easy as surrounding yourself with soothing colors, great lighting, and a little aromatherapy to pull it all together.

Let’s get down to basics to give you, and your suite, the tranquil transition it needs.


Start with what you don’t need.

Before you bring in the serenity, you need to kick the clutter out. This might be as simple as boxing up excess decor and items that you really don’t need in your suite anyway. Approaching your suite like a minimalist (even if that’s not naturally your thing), will automatically make the space feel more calm and quiet. Keep everything that has a determined space, and if there are tools or equipment you need that don’t already have a home, find an organizational system that will keep them tidy. If you want zen, keeping things orderly is key.


Surround yourself with soothing colors.

Color really can impact your mood. Green (think sage or a light yellow-green shade) is thought to not only reduce stress and relax the body, but also promote healing and lessen eye strain. Blue (everything from cornflour to navy) is believed to both calm the soul and ease the mind. Purple drums up feelings of spirituality and deep thinking. You don’t have to splash your suite with all of these colors, or even go over-the-top with one. Find ways to incorporate the shades that make you feel good subtly around your space.


Pick up a few mood-boosting objects.

If you have a pal who knows all about crystals (doesn’t everyone have a friend like that these days?), ask for their expertise in choosing a few of these that have healing and calming properties. Even if you don’t necessarily put a lot of stock into their powers, they can make for pretty decorative pieces and may make a client feel at ease. We also can’t talk enough about the power of plants. Bringing a little of the outside in is a great way to create a tranquil salon suite.


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