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Beauty professionals are all about helping their clients put their best foot forward, whether that’s for every day life or a super special event. However, you may be less than excited about putting yourself in the spotlight, like in videos for your social media posts. But offering videos, even short snippets, is a great way to engage a social media following, keeping in touch with present clients and attracting new ones. If you loathe the idea of being on camera, you don’t always have to make yourself the main star, but people need to you from time to time.

Why are videos so important? There are a few reasons, the biggest is that according to a number of different surveys we found on the web, social media videos have been known to effectively increase product sales for businesses. In beauty biz terms, that means more appointments and a boost in your clientele.

Still not sold? Here are some other important reasons why you should add videos to your social feed, and how to make the process totally painless.



Social media videos give the viewer a more personal connection with you than still photos. It gives them a sense of who you are as a person and might even make them comfortable enough to book an appointment at your salon. After all, it can be a little intimidating to walk into an unfamiliar business, especially when you’re trusting that person with your hair, nails, brows, skin….you get the point. Consider making short videos offering a quick, but helpful tip related to the service you provide. For example, an easy way to extend the life of your gorgeous new manicure.



Still images are great, but think about how much more stunning the highlights you just gave your last client look as her hair is swinging back and forth, catching the light. There are just some things that movement captures which a still photo cannot. If the client agrees, take a quick video to capture the new look, and add a comment or two about how you achieved the style. Forty-five percent of social media users spend more than an hour each week watching videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make yours a part of their weekly viewing!



Clients look to beauty pros for their seemingly limitless knowledge about their field of expertise, like the best products to fill in brows or the latest nail polish shades you’re adding to your salon suite’s collection. Pay attention to the questions your clients ask when they come in for an appointment, and then address those in a series of videos that will keep people coming back to you for more great info. Sharing these tidbits also helps build trust with the viewer, letting them know that you know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to beauty.



Businesses like yours grow and evolve over time, so why not take your clients and social media followers on that journey with you through videos? Whether you’ve just opened the doors to your salon suite or your business is celebrating an important milestone, people want to feel like they’re on that ride with you. Video is also a fantastic way to share your brand’s message and vision for the future, making clients feel invested in your business and you!

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