Swing into spring with a suite deep clean

Deep clean

After a long winter, there’s nothing quite as mood-lifting as a good spring-cleaning session for any area in which you spend a lot of your time. Think about just how good it feels to go through your home and purge the stuff you don’t really use anymore, all while freeing up space and making the whole place feel lighter. Sure, it can be a big job, but when it’s done, it’s so worth it.

Need a little direction on how to get started with this seasonal overhaul of your salon suite? Follow these tips and your space will be sitting just as pretty as those clients of yours.



Isn’t it crazy how much stuff we can accumulate in a short amount of time? This is especially true in a salon environment when it comes to equipment, product, and other goodies to make our businesses inviting and up-to-date. But the truth of it is, depending on the services you provide, you probably have your favorite beauty tools you use again and again, and others that sit by the wayside. Take a tour of your space and decide what you want to keep or toss. Of course, rid your space of any expired product (don’t be afraid to throw those half used color tubes), equipment in need of repair, and any decor that has seen better days.



Once the clutter is gone, it’s time to get organized. Group like items together and assess what type of container would work best to corral each collection. We like clear bins so that you can easily identify what’s inside without opening them. This is also useful in keeping an eye on your inventory, so you know when you’re running low on an essential product. If you want to put a pretty spin on your new organization system, take a cue from the organizers behind the Netflix series The Home Edit and group stored items together by color.

For easy access to a wide array of different organizing containers, check Amazon, searching beauty storage or salon storage. You’ll love the selection that can be shipped right to your door!



Now is the time to get into all of those nooks and crannies that can go overlooked. Start by dusting all surfaces and decor (don’t forget the tops of cabinets, picture frames, etc). Wipe down product bottles. You’re already sanitizing and disinfecting your direct workstation daily, but take some extra time to polish metal accents and glass so they sparkle. It’s also a great opportunity to create a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning checklist for yourself, so that you can keep your salon looking its best year round.



Last, but certainly not least, take this time to have fun with your space! This is the beauty of salon suite rentals, you can put your brand and personality on it. Take a look around at what’s working and what isn’t in terms of decor. Sometimes less is more. Other times more is more. It’s really all about how you want to define your brand. Giving your Loft an update doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on decor, either. Maybe add a bouquet of fresh flowers. Or bring in spring with some indoor plants (real or faux, we won’t tell!). The choice is yours.


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