Perks of Salon Ownership for Working Parents

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No matter your industry, there’s one thing working parents can agree on: Work-life balance is really important. If it feels like your professional goals are tugging on one arm while your family is pulling on the other, you’re not alone. As a beauty professional, deciding to strike out on your own to become a salon owner might sound scary, adding more to your already full plate. Instead, think of it as a goal absolutely within reach. It can actually provide the freedom and flexibility you need to achieve that balance working parents so dearly want.

Becoming your own boss has a lot of perks for working parents. Even though it may feel like a solo adventure at the start, having an in-the-know support system in place is key. Take a suite rental concept like Salon Lofts, for example. As the largest privately-owned business of its kind, they not only supply the physical space for their loft owners, but provide valuable services for these independent beauty professionals as well. This includes tools like online booking, a mobile client management app, and free business education, just to name a few of the offerings.

Still, have cold feet about taking the plunge into salon ownership? Check out these incentives for working parents to help warm up those toes!



If the craziness that was 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need flexibility in our lives. As a salon owner, you call the shots in terms of when you make yourself available for appointments. Have a kid who is still doing distance learning? Maybe evenings and weekends work best for you. Is your toddler enrolled in half-day childcare? Open up your availability to clients during those hours.



Who’s the boss? You are! You not only decide how much to charge clients for your services, but you get to keep 100% of your profits. This is particularly a plus for working parents, who may want to open up their availability to take on more appointments if, say, there’s something your kiddo wants to do that requires a little extra cash.



Some people love the hustle and bustle of a busy salon floor, and others work best in a defined private space. As a working parent, having your own Salon Loft space that represents you and your professional vibe can make your day feel that much more calm and, focused. Life may feel like a circus when you walk through the door of your home, but at work you can breathe easy, get creative, and be productive without distractions.



Being your own boss doesn’t have to be lonely, especially with a concept like Salon Lofts. While your business is all your own, you’re still part of a community of similarly-minded beauty pros who thrive on creativity and making their clients look and feel their best. You’re also likely to find other working parents who can relate to any personal conflicts that may occur, like the need to find last-minute childcare for a sick little one. The Loft Owner community is strong, and you’re never alone when you’re part of something that special.

Loft Owner Leslie Sharp

I made the decision to be my own boss over 6 years ago. I was given the tools to build my business while also raising my daughter.

Deciding to start this journey was the best decision for both my brand and my life.

Leslie Sharp

Salon Lofts - Clintonville

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