Your hair should be easy, it should reflect who you are. Its not about what your hair can do, but what its supposed to be.


With 10+ years in the industry, and a lifetime love of fashion and style, I possess a modern and fresh POV. I feel I am best suited for those who take the laid-back approach to hair, your natural texture is my first priority. I love finding the next effortlessly cool cut, color or style to keep you looking and feeling confident. A look that says to the world "I care...but not that much"



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I had my hair cut by Brett today and he did an AMAZING job! I went in with a botched haircut that looked like a choppy, uneven 90’s Rachel from Friends cut. I hated my hair. I went in Brett listened to what I wanted, he gave his suggestions and worked his magic. In literally 20 minutes he transformed the worst, outdated haircut I’ve ever had into a hip, fun cut I LOVE! I’ve found my new stylist! And I’m referring everyone!
Jenny C.
Brett makes every appointment an awesome time. Brett has a great personality; is super funny, and always makes you feel like you have a say in your hair's style. Brett is also really intuitive, and is great at giving your hair the style and care it deserves.
Ryan M.
Brett has been my stylist for more than five years. Every time I've been in his chair, he always does HIS best to help me look MY best. I'm one of Brett’s more mature clients and I appreciate the way he helps me look fairly hip at age 62. I know Brett does a great job on my hair because at least several times a month, I get compliments from random folks at the grocery store, the car wash, the library – anywhere out and about -- telling me how much they like my hair style and asking where I get it done. I always tell them how much I love my stylist and what a great job he does for me. Brett always makes me feel like a million bucks!
Laurel L.
Brett is a fabtastic stylist! He has a way of feeling out your hair and making it listen.
Brianna C.
Brett has been my go-to stylist for a decade. He also guided me through the year it took to stop coloring and grow out my natural white hair, making it a fun journey. He's a master artist with scissors and a killer chemist with color (although now it's just an occasional fun glaze).
Heather F.