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I have worked in all aspects for the hair business for 35 years. I started my career in Birmingham England as an apprentice at Vidal Sassons. Later moving to London to continue my career. Opened a successful salon with my brother. I moved to Tampa in 1988, where I have work with some of the best hairdressers in Tampa. 

Several years ago, started working in Toronto Cananda, with Martin Parsons. Where I learned the Exact Inch Cutting Technic, which harmonizes beautifully with the skills I learned with Vidal Sasson. This technic allows me to bring out your best features while diminishing others. It can also be applied to any hair coloring or hilighting technic. 

I am trained in different hair colors, at the moment I use Vivitone and Prisma (ammonia free) hair colors. Both contain incredible conditioning properties from plant extract to keratin protein. So your hair will be in better condition then it was before. I also use a variety of keratin treatment which do not contain formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals, that can control the wildest of hair textures.

  • Onesta Organic
  • Vivitone Color
  • Peter Coppola Keratin Concept
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Carl is the best hairstylist PERIOD. He gives great advice about what to do with your hair. I trust him so much that every time I get my hair done I just say "Carl what should we do" and he never disappoints. Ever since I started going to Carl, I have strangers come up to me and say your hair color is so beautiful and ask me if it is my natural color. Trust Carl and you will not be disappointed. He is also one of the nicest people you will meet and he is great to talk to.
Sara B.
Carl is an expert on hair care. I never have any complaints with my hair cuts. I would recommend him for anyone I know.
Kaylie B.
I was recently was introduced to this Master Stylist who has worked right along side with some of the greats. I consider him a mentor and am completely in awe at his knowledge in technique with not only color and cut but everything in-between. It's rare to get an opportunity to even get an appointment with a stylist of such caliber. Not only does he make his clients feel and important but he really cares as his choice in an amazing color line that is actually beneficial to the integrity of your hair. I could go on and on, I'll just say this, if you are able to request an appointment with him, BOOK IT!!
Jessica G.
I moved to Tampa from Montreal Canada where I was admittedly, accustomed to having some very fine hairstylists do my hair. It was important to find a stylist in Tampa who not only had credentials but a sense of creativity as I'm fortunate to have healthy, thick hair which I like to showcase in a variety of styles. I was referred to Carl James. That was about 20 years ago and since then we've done it all from very short to very long, permed, highlighted, layered, geometric etc... . He has the ability to look at you and determine almost immediately what suits your features, your coloring and the type of hair. Carl is an artist. If you do nothing else -- get a consult with him - and hear what he has to say - and then book an appointment! Judie F.
Judie F.
Carl has been my stylist since 1990! I have traveled from Tallahassee, St. Pete, Fort Myers & Daytona just to get my hair done. Thank heaven I am finally back in Tampa! Carl is a brilliant "chemist" with color and highlights, and a master cutter as well. We've tried many things with my very fine hair over the years, and he's always patient with my expectations that a hairstyle will turn me into Meg Ryan or Jennifer Aniston or now, Helen Mirren! Carl is my friend as well as my stylist after all these years. I can recommend him over anyone else! DeDe H.
DeDe H.
Carl is a Master Hair Designer! He is precise, consistent and has great integrity in his work and as a person. I have been a client of Carl's for almost 30 years and he never disappoints me. He listens and then offers his opinion and we usually meet somewhere in the middle. I constantly get compliments on my hair and tell people how great he is and I recommend him to everyone because I believe he is the best! If you are looking for a very talented hairdresser who cares about your satisfaction, he's your guy. Do yourself a favor and give him a try! Sara F.
Sara F.