Cassandra Mary is an Advanced Master stylist with 15 years experience in the beauty industry. Aveda and Oway trained, she specializes in textured short hair, long layers, fine hair, formal styling, dimensional color and men's shaping.

Check out her blog and learn more about Cassandra and her passion at www.cassandramary.com. 

  • OWAY
  • Keratin Complex
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I found Cassandra through the Salon Lofts Westchase directory. She was from the Midwest and an expert with fine hair. I am so glad I went!! Loved her! She gave me a fabulous cut, AND was so fun and easy to talk to. She also gives first time customer discounts. Most amazing of all was the scalp massage, hot towel and aromatherapy treatment. So relaxing! Thank you Cassandra! See you again soon!
Angela W.
Cassandra started doing my hair after someone else over processed my bleach and tone. Anyone who bleaches knows how tricky this service is. Cassandra has taken care of my hair better than the aveda salons I always went to. She is precise with her application, she stays on top of it watching it, and she is very gentle washing and toning it after. The bonus is that she is an absolute pleasure to be around. It's obvious she is very passionate about what she does and I think thus is why she has such an edge over anyone else. She really cares about her work and you can trust her with even the most complicated situations. People complimented me on my hair after the very first service with her. Yes I still have some damage but that's not her fault. I'm so grateful to have her doing my hair. I know I'm in good hands with her and you will be as well. Coming from someone who had broken baby hairs all over the place, you can't go wrong with Casssndra. She is simply amazing.
Kimberly D.
I was lucky enough to stumble onto Cassandra by happenstance at my local Aveda salon. When my long-time hair stylist moved out of state (every girl’s nightmare!), he recommended I try Cassandra. I’m SO glad I did! Cassandra has transformed my hair in the best way, happily acquiescing to my requests for bright colors while keeping my hair healthy. She goes out of her way to ensure her clients feel comfortable and get exactly what they want. Her skills are top notch and you can tell she loves what she does. Not to mention I love going to our appointments because she is so fun & easy to talk to! I only visited Cassandra at Aveda 3 times before she branched out to start her own business, but even after that short amount of time I knew I’d follow her wherever she went…and I’ll stay with her for as long as I possibly can!
Caroline B.
As a super curly haired lady I was nervous to give my locks to Cassandra. After I left (3 years ago) I refuse to go to any other artist. Cuz that’s what she is... an artist at her craft. A true master that always leaves me feeling energized, voluminous and sexy.
Akira K.
Cassandra’s been cutting my hair for a few years now. She’s beyond patient with me when I don’t know what I want. She’s inquisitive, and genuinely interested in what I want my hair to look like. She knows that I don’t have the skill or interest in doing my hair daily, and she cuts it in a way that I don’t have to. My favorite cut from her though was a few months ago when I wanted to cut about 6-8 inches of my hair off. She saw how my hair grew out from the last time I got a short cut, and it had this annoying flip at the end. Cassandra told me she was going to fix that for me. A few months later, that flip is nowhere to be seen! I usually wear my hair up all the time because of that flip, but thanks to Cassandra, I actually enjoy the way my hair looks when it’s down!
Liz P.