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First time seeing Ciarra for a haircut and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best I’ve had! Lots of compliments, wife loves it, will be going back! Ciarra was also really easy to talk to, friendly, understanding and enjoyable! Thanks Ciarra!!
David H.
Ciarra is awesome. She was patient with me when I was running late. Her loth is nice and home like. She was super professional. I haven't seen anybody do my hair and beard as well as she has. I am glad I have found Ciarra. Thanks a lot.
Anthony C.
I can’t speak highly enough about Ciarra. I have been searching for a stylist for years and have finally found one, she did a great job on my box braids she is extremely professional and courteous. I absolutely cannot recommend her enough.
Dawn E.
I have known Ciarra ever since i was in high school, when it comes to hair she know what she is doing. not only is she a trained in the art of hair of all types, she is passionate. she focuses on her clients and when she worked on my hair, she would come up with creative styles of braids. she brings a loving vibe and would recommend her to everyone Maambo H Mumbuluma
Maambo M.
Ciarra is amazing! She did things to my hair that I never even thought possible. She made me look 10 years younger at least. She is also very personable. She works with you at every angle. Her Persona is bright, smart, witty and extremely knowledgeable in the Arts of hair. She is my personal hair stylist from now on. I went to Canada, Charles penzone's, changes, as a matter of fact you name it I've been there. Never have I experienced that type of knowledgeable and personable hair stylist in 35 years. Five stars definitely!
Amy B.
She very thoughtfully/concisely trimmed/shaped my hair and made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted along the way. Overall a great haircut that brought life back into my damaged hair.
Amanda N.
Super professional!! She does such a great job and knows what’s she’s doing.
Mallory M.