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Hello, My name is Claudia, If you're looking for a Stylist who is Passionate about her work, that's me. 

I started my Career working with and learning from some of the best professionals in the industry. I've worked at Aveda Salons in Atlanta and Sarasota. I learned about advance Color, Cutting, Product knowledge and Business education. I also studied L'oreal Professional Color education in SOHO New York with several different educators.  Also, Goldwell and Redkin color education in Atlanta and Jacques Dessange French Haircutting technique in Sarasota, Manhattan and Atlanta, Tony and Guy haircutting technique in Texas and Atlanta, and Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, and the list goes on. I have spent the last 25 years of my Career having fun meeting so many interesting people, traveling and learning my trade and continue to do the same. I love my clients and enjoy new clients and making people feel comfortable and relaxed. My favorite services to perform are complete make overs. I can look at someone's face shape and skin tone and know what is right for them. 

What I'm most passionate about is helping women when they go through any type of hair loss from chemo, alopecia, thinning hair or someone who wants a tailored wig for fun. I have a selection of beautiful wigs from the best makers in the industry and can get any wig within a few days  to help the hair loss transition. I help select your wig, cut and detail it to your face shape and teach you how to care for it. I can even shave your hair when needed during the difficult time. I am not a wig shop. It is  so much more personal than that. I'm here to help in a Compassionate, Private setting and have done this for 20 years along with my regular hair services. Consultations are complimentary for this if you want to set up an appointment to come in and meet me and chat about your options.  

I'm proud to say I'm a Florida Native. I was born in Sarasota and raised in Venice and Nokomis as a kid when they were quiet little beach communities. I have seen so much change in this area over the years and continue to watch it grow. I have lived all over the area, and I'm a great resource for anything local and share so much with my clients. I love networking. My family and I moved to Lakewood Ranch 9 years ago and absolutely love the community. 

If you're looking for a new stylist, call for an appointment for a complimentary consultation. I look forward to meeting you, making you feel great and your hair look fabulous!!!! 



  • L'Oreal Professional
  • Pureology
  • Olaplex
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118 . Roughly 118 hairstyles in the last 8 years with Claudia. Having short short hair requires a lot of haircuts . Finding the "right" stylist can take time but once you find the perfect one you stay forever ! Claudia is wonderful. As a stylist she knows exactly the style that works for me and can even throw in " I think I want to try something new" and it works ! Talented, Professional, On Trend, Compassionate, Bright and Funny ..... this is Claudia. Amy R.
Amy R.
I have lived in Lakewood Ranch for a little over a year. I have tried many hair salons....searched to find my current and she is fabulous....Claudia Talamas. Her color\tones are awesome and her hair cuts are excellent. To my pleasant surprise she also sells Wigs. She sells from a few different manufacturers...wide selection and I have already purchased one. They are great to have for a number of reasons. You can order directly from her and upon it's arrival, Claudia will fit it and trim it for a custom fit. Claudia was trained in New York, uses up to date techniques and I am happy I found her...
Shelly M.
Hair is not only the frame for your face, but your personality as well. It is such an important feature, that most of us are lovingly loyal to our hair gurus, faithfully following them through time. Claudia is one of those. She has an innate ability to create hair - both in color and cut, to best reflect your facial features and your inner you. It is a skill honed over a long career of experience. With Claudia, you have not only beautiful hair but a lovely experience as well. She is the best. - Heather
Heather L.
Claudia has been taking care of my hair for over 12 years. I found her at a salon two miles away and now I travel 25 minutes up I-75 to see her. That alone, should tell you what kind of stylist she is. She listens and works with you to achieve your hair goals. Who does that? I’ve also been able to witness other women leaving her salon with amazing transformations. If you are looking for a talented stylist and colorist, a true professional and one of the sweetest women I know she is your girl.
Rose C.
I have been going to Claudia for years. She is amazing. Not only is she a fabulous stylist but she is a wonderful person. She always listens to my concerns and gives her honest feedback. It’s great to sit in a chair and feel confident knowing that when you get up your going to look fabulous!
Sheena L.
I have known Claudia for a lot of years both on a professional level and personal. Claudia has been styling my hair since she got out of professional school with Aveda. I have naturally curly, thick hair and she has always known how to cut and highlight my locks with perfection. Even if you're not sure what style or color you are going for, she will help you get the look you will love by guiding you through the color process and different shaping styles. I have lived all over the country and have had many different stylists along my travels in between Claudia and never met anyone who could quite get my color or cut right. I was so thrilled to get back home to Florida where I can get my BEST stylist back doing my hair. I highly recommend her technique, her professionalism and how fun Claudia makes it for you to get gorgeous hair.
Ruth R.