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Crack Shack Chiropractic is the $20 solution to your back and neck pain! 40 years' experience says I am right. 


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Dr. Niemchak and Judi have been instrumental in alleviating my back pains. I previously went to a more modern chiropractic service, but after months of no progress, I decided to try something different and more traditional. After one session with Dr. Niemchak, my posture immediately felt better than it has in years. Due to the nature of my work and sitting at a desk for most of the day, my posture is important to concentration levels and general professionalism. Not only this, anyone can afford $20 per session, no need to set up insurance. They are both very knowledgeable and genuinely care about their clients wellbeing. Highly recommended Grayson Prickett
Crack Shack C.
I suffer from chronic back pain from a previous injury. I have been questioning going to a chiropractor but just never could afford to. Thanks to the team at Crack Shack Chiropractic I was finally given the opportunity to do so at a very affordable rate. I walked in with my back doing its usually and left with a smile on my face. I strongly recommend checking these guys out. Wesley Putnam - Google Review
Crack Shack C.
Didn’t think I would feel as great as i did after my service but i felt wonderful instantly. Very affordable and super convenient. No more having the kids walk on my back lol. Definitely will be going to Crack Shack regularly. Sharif B.
Crack Shack C.