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 * Vegan & Cruelty free products *

With over 10 years experience working in a nail salon, I truly love what I do! Being able to be creative & make women feel beautiful with that fresh mani - pedi feeling.


In this industry cleanliness is my top priority, followed by keeping your natural nails healthy.

Prep and removal is key!


I keep up with online education to know the latest techniques, tools, products to always better my knowledge and understanding in nail care.


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Danielle has been doing my nails for over 7 months and I will never go anywhere else. Her attention to detail and cleanliness is unmatched. My nails look beautiful and I am constantly getting compliments!
Elizabeth B.
Danielle is BY FAR the most talented nail tech I have been to! Her attention to detail is unmatched! She takes care of your nails in a way you don't see in other salons. Your cuticles also always look amazing. Something other nail techs have never done. She really takes the time to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. Her hand painted design's are amazing and like nothing you will get anywhere else. If you want a clean, friendly, immaculate nail experience, then she's your girl! I will never go anywhere else!
Cherilynn W.
Danielle has been my best nail experience by far! My nails are so much healthier and she does not cut any corners. She is very detail oriented and fosters a fun and comfortable client experience. Her 10+ years of experience shows as she’s always showing new techniques, fun colors etc. and has so much knowledge about it all. Cannot recommend Danielle enough! She’s the best!
Gianna L.
Danielle is hands down the most impeccable nail artist I have ever encountered. No one can compare to her work. The time and care she takes to not only make your nails look beautiful, but maintaining their strength and health underneath is not to be underestimated!! She takes the time to remove polish in a way in which your natural nail isn't damaged. She has an incredibly steady hand with which she paints the most beautiful and intricate designs. Danielle was my go to nail tech for over 7 years before she moved to Georgia. I have not been able to find someone who even comes close to the way in which Danielle operates. If you are looking for an expert level nail tech, Danielle is your girl. She is an absolutely amazing nail artist and I am so grateful for all the beautiful work she has done for me over the years. <3
Jaclyn D.