With 20+ experience, my main focus is to make you the hair care experience the best it can be.  From consultation to finish style, your individual needs are my only concern. I look forward to providing you a wonderful experience!



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Dawn is a hair artist! I used to go to NYC to have my hair cut and colored by amazing celebrity stylist. Guess what? I get to saved thousands of dollars by having Dawn do my hair! Where has she been all my life? She makes you look your best. She is open to ideas and then puts her expertise to work for you. I also really like how down to earth she is. She is a treasure!"
S S.
WOW, I always said I would let my hair go gray at 60. After 25 years of coloring, I decided to take the plunge. I was nervous. Dawn spent hours coaxing my hair with highlights and processes. After three and a half hours, I have a cut and color that is stunning. Instead of it making me look older, I feel she took years away with a look that will allow me to ease into my gray. THANKS for everything, Dawn.
Emily W.
Dawn, You are the best, no doubt about it! No one can cut, style & color my hair like you! I know I sound like a paid commercial but it's the truth :-) Lorie G. Clearwater
Lorie G.
Dawn is an awesome Hair Stylist. I always get a great cut and she is the queen of color. Just ask my wife Paula, who is extremely particular who she lets near her hair. Dawn is also a super person, so you will never be board.
Paul C.
Dawn is fantastic. I have coarse curly hair and she did a wonderful job. She takes her time and listens to the customer.
Ethel G.
" Dawn is the BOMB! I'm in sales and at least once a day someone stops me and asked; "Who does your hair"? My answer...DAWN!!
Joyce C.
Dawn or Dawnie as I refer to her is absolutely the best! She whips my unruly curly tresses into shape and keeps my mischievious grays under control with her awesome coloring skills. Me and my hair LOVE her!!!
Kimela S.
Dawn makes you look fabulous!
Joanne W.
I LOVE the "Christie Brinkley Blonde" hair color you gave me today! THANK YOU Dawn for being THE BEST COLORIST in the Tampa Bay area!!!
Paula C.
Dawn is the best stylist EVER! After bouncing around to countless people my entire life, I finally found Dawn and haven't gone to anyone else in over 5 years (except for quick styles, and even other stylists complement my hair)! I followed her to Salon Lofts and still drive to her after I moved to Tampa. I don't trust my hair to anyone else!
Michelle G.
I LOVE my hair! Thank you, Dawn!! You are the best!
Valerie O.
Dawn is the most talented Hair Stylist in the Tampa Bay market. I have been everywhere, and Dawn is it!! She listens to YOUR desires, and sets goals for your achievement!!!
Debra W.
Having a bad hair day is NEVER an option when Dawn Koch does your hair. From consultation to color and cut to styling Dawn will make sure your mane is your main attraction! A colorist extraordinaire Dawn will take your hair to new heights using your vision, her experience, training, and quality products with overall color or just a hint of lowlights and/or highlights. Speaking from experience Dawn has taken my graying dull hair to an overall chic and fun look that makes me feel good about myself AND thanks to Dawn, I have the hair I have always wanted. For EXACTLY what you want the first time, every time make your choice Dawn at the Salon Loft – she's what your hair has been looking for and more! -Anna Marie D.
Anna Marie D.