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Doing hair has been my passion for many years! Helping people look and feel their best is the ultimate profession.

I have had a lot of outstanding Education and Training and continue to learn!

I look forward to helping you look your best!

Education Training Coaching background:

I've been fortunate to learn from be trained by and coached buy some of the best hair designers in the industry. Michael  and Kenneth are two of the hair designers who I have learned from. I have also worked with hair designers such as Vidal Sassoon John Sahag Ann Bray Jameson and Candy Shaw and Oribe.

I learned early in my career the importance of getting extra training after I got my license. The Educators Trainers and Coaches in my life taught me that this can be an outstanding career to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

I'm grateful for the time these people put into helping me have an enjoyable and successful career. I love doing hair and I love helping other people to learn the hair business and be successful as well!

If you have any questions feel free to text message me!



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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
100% best highlights and haircut I’ve ever had. I normally come out of a hair appointment feeling subpar. It’s hard to come by someone who has mastered highlights. Dennis is one of those stylists! I left loving my hair and will 200% go back for my up keep. Dennis is amazing and cares about his clients self opinion. He stated “I love making people feel good about themselves, this is how I can do that” reffering to cut, color and styling. If you need good hair therapy, Dennis is your guy. Thank you Dennis !
Taylor C.
Dennis is FANTASTIC. I've never been so happy with my hair! He pays attention to detail and makes sure your hair is done right. Best ombre I've had done. My hair feels like a work of art!
Andrea S.
Dennis always delivers fabulous service!! I value Dennis' professionalism and skill at his craft, his work always looks amazing and my haircut grows out so well. Thank you Dennis for making my hair look amazing yet again ! Love , Amanda
Amanda H.
Dennis gave me amazing highlights tonight and ALWAYS gives fantastic haircuts. He is truly a gifted stylist. Dennis is very patient and listens while giving feedback. I will not go anywhere else-he is just too good!
Stephanie M.
It’s always a pleasure to schedule with you! The highlights look great and I wouldn’t have gotten them if you hadn’t recommended. Phenomenal work as per usual. This guy truly treats hair as artistry. I hope you’ve had a good start at Salon Lofts! :)
Alexis H.
Got an awesome haircut from Dennis tonight. He listened, gave me good feedback and nailed it. I’m super happy!!
Jessica M.
Very experienced and attentive to his work. Accommodating and personable. Don't hesitate to book with him, you will find your lifelong stylist.
Flannery R.