There is a 24 hour cancellation booking notice if you have an emergency please contact me so we can discuss your options otherwise there be an cancellations non refundable fee of $25. If you cancel more then once not giving 24 hours notice you will not be able to to book appointments through app you WILL have to contact personally to get any appointments going forward.

Starting January 2021 there will be a required deposit for all appointments going forward.




Hey guys I wanted to reach out to you once I figured out what my new normal would be in the salon and weighing out options as more information for the new requirements from the state and salon lofts came in. I value you as my clients and the health of you and your family and myself, I wanted to make sure we are all protected. I won’t officially open until June 1st working on limited days starting out. Once booked you will receive detailed information on requirement for being serviced. I love you guys and I can’t wait to get back

Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Every since Dontria has become my stylist my hair has grown. I appreciate how she takes time to get to know her clients and their hair needs. I love how you have her undivided attention when you sit in her chair. Also her honesty and patience when making sure you are educated about your hair. She is so creative in figuring out what you really want especially when you have a million and one ideas. She is not only just my stylist but has become my Mom’s stylist as well.
MaTicka W.
Dontria was a HUGE help in educating me on how to properly take care of my hair. After going to many natural hairstylists in Atlanta, she finally gave me the look and feel that natural hair is supposed to have and gave me the hairstyle of my dreams literally. She is fun to be around and can give you a remedy to restore confidence in your hair book her!! You will not regret it.
Courtney R.
I was one of those people that believed being natural was for everyone EXCEPT me. There was no way my hair could be curly and beautiful and hydrated! I just didn’t believe it and then...I met Dontria! Dontria 100% turned my thinking around. She uses only the best products. Dontria showed me what products work best in my hair, how to use them and even gave me tips on how to recreate styles at home. I love that her approach is to basically equip her clients with the tools to be self sufficient, but always offer support as it’s needed. I have been wearing my hair natural for a while now and I’ve never been more confident. Going to Dontria isn’t just about “getting your hair done,” it’s also about learning and growing (your hair and as a person). I am truly thankful to have her as my stylist as I know she only wants and does the best for my hair!
Natasha V.
Words cannot express how reinvigorating the deep conditioning was! My hair literally felt like butter and in the two weeks after the treatment, I immediately noticed hair growth. Thank you, Dontria! I will definitely be back. - J. Sanders
Jatrean S.
Dontria is such a talented stylist and is all about the health of your hair as well as the look. Dontria provides such personalized treatment and is always available for hair emergencies! Both my Mother and pre-teen niece come out of state for Dontria’s services. Dontria has been especially knowledgeable and helpful during my natural hair transition. When I first started this process, my hair was above my shoulders and was thin now it’s thick and down the middle of my back! She has a magnetic personality, she’s ALWAYS on time, professional, knowledgeable and gifted!!!
Ja' Renda B.
This is the second time I'm wearing my natural hair. I didn't know a natural stylist but took a chance on Dontria. She is knowledgeable, patient and professional. I always leave Dontria's chair satisfied with my hair.
Rika H.
I have been going to Dontria since I big chopped and had no idea how to care for my natural hair. She has been amazing at helping me learn about products that work great for my hair 4A-B type. She is full of knowledge, very gentle even for my tender head and always patient when it comes to me as a client. Dontria is the first stylist I've ever had that will literally not let you leave her chair until you are smiling and truly happy with your hairstyle. I appreciate her professionalism and adore her as not only my stylist but a loving person; who has become a friend. Look no further if you are in need of a true stylist that actually loves her craft beyond just a check from her client. - Michelle J.
Michelle J.
Dontria was such a joy to be around. We had a great conversation about hair and life. She made my hair look fabulous! I didn't even know my hair could do what it did and look so nice! She was very helpful, patient, and even explained each step of what she did to my hair so I could repeat it myself at home. She was so kind and knowledgable. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a stylist who really cares about you and your hair. She's fantastic!
Najla W.
Dontria has been my hair care guru/stylist for the past 4 years and to say she has the "touch" is an understatement. Not only is my hair healthy (most important) because she stays abreast of the latest products on the market. Equally important is the look and I'm on point EVERY TIME I get out of her chair! My curls bounce, I have a nice sheen and the style lasts w/o minimal to no maintenance. People stop me when I'm out, co-workers, men and women are CONSTANTLY complimenting me on my hair and I ALWAYS acknowledge her greatness! Thanks Nikki, for keeping my coif flawless. Smooches, Kimberly
Kimberly G.