Having acquired extensive training through the best educators in the Chicagoland area and nationwide. My ability to create beautiful hair for each client has indefinitely contributed to being one of the biggest joys in my life! 
Having 16 years under my belt in the hair industry has expanded my creative horizons. And it only continues to grow! By gaining continuous knowledge/education from some of the most talented hair artists out there, and being able to implement those techniques on clients, I strive to design trend setting looks and innovate popular styles! 
I strongly believe that every individual has unique features and a special image to showcase aesthetically. Through my vision I will execute a beautiful end result that you will absolutely LOVE! 

Email for any inquiries! 
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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
What can I say about Elise other than HAIR SOULMATE?! Like others have said on here, she is a stylist extraordinaire but also just really fun to hang out with, and we all know hair appointments can last a while, so it's important to find someone you like! So happy I found her!
Kristin P.
Want a badass hair stylist that is so warm and fun? If so, Elise is your hair professional, okay? Snaps.
Christine D.
I’ve been seeing Elise for 10 years. Not only does she give the best haircuts, but she’s also a great person. She takes the time to figure out what I want in a haircut and then makes it look even better than I imagine. Now my whole family sees her too.
Kari V.
My whole life I have never gone to the same hair salon or seen the same hairdresser twice, but that changed when I met Elise! She is thoughtful, talented, and very kind. My hair always looks and feels incredible after I see her. But it is the genuine conversations we share that will make me keep coming to Jade + Virtue Hair Studio for a very long time!
Claudia G.
I wish my hair grew faster so I could enjoy being with Elise more often. Such a pro and so gracious.
Tom M.
I’ve been going to Elise for years. I’ve over particular about my hair. As a bartender/actor, appearance is critical and I trust NO ONE except for Elise. I followed her for her other place of employment and very happy she has her own spot in a cool location, easy to find and comfortable setting. Elise can help you figure out the style u need to fit your look. She’s artistic, flawless and personable!
Ken B.
Elise is the best! Great service, great discussions, and amazing talent. I highly recommend!
Julien N.