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Anybody can throw a curling iron through a mediocre haircut and make it look good. Whoever can pick up a set of clippers to give you a quick haircut, we knows this. At OVRHED, our goal is to find the shape and color that will not only compliment your face, but your overall lifestyle. We style our hair to enhance our best features, or perhaps shadow our flaws, so why on earth wouldn't you find your faces best suitor? Erica is experienced with all types of hair, and because of her keen attention to detail she won't let you leave without finding whats best suited for you. Beyond a custom haircut, Erica is passionate about educating her clients (and herself) on whats best for your hair type and how to maintain it outside of the salon. Styling hair, whether it be for a wedding/event, or something more editorial, is Erica's second passion. There are millions of ways to manipulate your hair, and exploring them should be as enjoyable for you as it is for her. If you are looking to elevate the quality of whatever hair you're working with, then let her take care of whats all over your head. 

  • Davines
  • Reuzel
  • Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment
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Erica has been my go-to hair stylist for over a year for highlights, haircuts & keratin treatments. She is absolutely awesome! Erica is a perfectionist which always makes me rest easy knowing that she pays so much attention to every detail that goes into a hair service. I am very OCD about my blonde hair and she is very patient with me and always gets the color right. I completely trust her with my hair and highly recommend her!
Joanna W.