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Currently not accepting new clients at this time.



I have been blessed to be apart of the beauty industry for over a decade! I absolutely adore what I do, I try to reflect that in all of my work. I identify as a Colorist. That's where I feel my creativity is best showcased. I specialize in many modern & trend Coloring/Cutting Techniques. In addition I offer Formal Design & Styling Up-Dos for any occasion. I customize my services to make every person who sits in my chair feel AMAZING. Stop in to find out what everyone is talking about and try out my Signature Blowout! 


All new clients require a consultation for color services. As well as special event styling and makeup services. Failure to book a consultation will result in the appointment being rescheduled until one can be booked.

Cancellation Policy: In order to make sure you receive the best possible experience. Please cancel 24 hours prior to your regularly scheduled appointment. If you fail to do so. You will be  a 50% fee of your original service price. No call/No show appointments will be charged 100% of the original service price. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will be asked to reschedule. This is to better service your needs. 


Gift Certificates are also available

Due to limited space I ask that you do not bring additional people to your appointment. They are more than welcome to wait in the lobby.

Children are not permitted.

Thank you for choosing me and allowing me the opportunity to serve you. 

  • Olaplex
  • Pulp Riot Hair Color
  • Redken Shades EQ
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Frankie has entirely changed my life with her haircuts, and I am not exaggerating. She creates an environment that I feel totally cared for in, and she leaves you with an experience you will remember for all of the right reasons. I have loved Frankie's willingness to change up styles and have fun, her encouraging words, and her confidence that totally rubs off during your visit :)
Althea S.
I have been a client of Frankie's for about ten years! She is THE best stylist I've ever known. Her work is phenomenal and I always walk out of her salon feeling like a million bucks! I look forward to sitting in her chair and her working her magic!!
Kelli M.
Frankie has been cutting my hair for SEVENTEEN years. No one else is allowed to touch my hair. Enough said.
Anna B.
WHAT CANT I SAY ABOUT FRANKIE!!! SHES AMAZING. Ive been goimg to her for almost 5 yrs now and i never leave disappointed! She is flawless.
Sarah G.
Just had an AMAZING hairapy session with Frankie! She gave me a new look for fall- all over color, highlights, a sexy blow out & feather extensions! After a full day of work & car trouble filled drive to Columbus immediately after- this is exactly what I needed!!! NOBODY does hair like Frankie!
India M.
FRANKIE KNOWS HAIR. I have been going to Frankie for the past 5 years. She knows color, the latest trends, and most importantly, knows what will look good on you. Not only will she make you look beautiful, she's an absolute ball to be around! I highly recommend Frankie. She will always take care of you and won't do you or your hair wrong!
Myrah S.
I was really scared to change my hair and not sure what I wanted but i trusted Frankie and her expertise. She made me feel so comfortable with a big change. I Love my new style and color! Fankie is the best at what she does!
Heather C.
I went to see Frankie after letting my step sister expiriment with my blonde hair and she screwed it up pretty bad. Frankie fixed me up good as new. Its hard to find a stylist who will color blonde hair with out loading it down with bleach and she gave my hair dimension. I will never go to another stylist again!
April S.
Frankie is amazing! Hands down, best hairstylist I know.
Casie E.
Frankie is the best. I trust no one but her with my hair!
Dee Dee D.
I have never had so many compliments on my hair, it is all because Frankkie KNOWS how to make me look good. She is the best. Donna Coe
Donna C.
Frankie has been my stylist for the last four years and I followed her to Salon Lofts. She does awesome work!!!!
Charles F.
Frankie Collins is THE BEST. Point Blank.
Marybeth T.
All around Fantabulous! Gives great advice & honesty along with exceptional beauty work! Every compliment received is b/c of the work of the amazing Master Hair-Apist Frankie!
Ann C.
I started going to Frankie several years ago after I showed up as a walk-in. On that cold December day I received the best haircut I've had ever. I have thick, coarse, kind of curly hair that from what I've read here is Frankie's forte. It takes a very talented stylist to work with my hair type and Frankie has that talent x10. Frankie's cuts are so good that I don't have to go back as often as I did with other stylists I'd seen in the past. Frankie cares very deeply about the quality of her work and that's what I appreciate most; that and her great chair-side manner!
Mary D.
Frankie has been my stylist for over 3 years now and I cannot say enough about her. She always knows exactly what I want. She is simply amazing and always makes my hair look absolutely perfect when I leave. And I always get tons of compliments for months with the work she does. Thanks for being the best, Frankie!
Elizabeth C.
I am so excited for you to do some highlights boo... You're so amazing at what you do. Ready for my transformation. Love you shmoopt.
Kristen H.
Frankie made all of my dreams come true, with my first set of long wear extensions. I’ve used human clip-ins for year (9 to be exact) I was about to order my 4th set and Frankie suggested I get actual extensions. So we picked out the colors, and I anxiously tracked their arrival. As so I there were delivered I was in her chair. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and they are lighter then clip-ins. Best part they don’t come out!!! I sleep, shower and style them as normal hair. I don’t think I can ever go back to clip-in. Thank you Frankie, you are a true hair genius!! - Teresa F.
Teresa M.
Simply the best!
Bob B.
Frankie is the best! I am super picky about the color and cut of my hair. Frankie is the first person that I will willingly sit down and say "do whatever you want" and feel totally confident that she will nail it every single time. My hair always looks amazing after seeing her. I get compliments everywhere I go. She also carries the best products. I straighten my hair every day so it can feel dry and damaged but she has products that keep my hair feeling soft and undamaged in between my visits to her. Book with Frankie, your hair will thank you!
Rachel D.
Hands down Frankie is the best! I will never go back to my old salon. I went from having orange brassy hair, to pretty/perfect blonde. She is so passionate about her work!
Sarah B.
Frankie is the total stylist package. If you have a cut or color in mind, she will deliver exactly what you asked for. Her vision is what keeps me coming back though. I will tell her to do whatever she thinks will look best and every time I walk out with a gorgeous, healthy and rejuvenated hairstyle/color and a renewed confidence! Not to mention the fact that Frankie is an absolute blast to hang out with! Frankie is my stylist for life.
Sarah M.
I'm lost for words!!!! She's the BEST!! I have searched for years to find a stylist. My search is over! Frankie is truly a master at what she does! I'm looking forward to a long relationship with her. ;) Thanks Frankie!!! Monnecca P.S. The hubby loves it
Monnecca P.
I have known Frankie for years! We went to beauty school together! Around 5 years ago I changed careers and needed someone to do my hair!! I made a call to Frankie and have been seeing her ever since. She is hands down, no contest, the best hair stylist I have ever known. She is truly gifted! It is almost impossible to please another stylist when you do her hair, Frankie nails it every. single. time. She also has this amazing ability to to not only transform your look, but she can transform your entire week! She is incredibly kind and caring and it shows. When you sit down in her chair her personality shines, she loves what she does and you can tell. Frankie also does my daughters hair, my daughter has anxiety and is sensitive to sounds. She is so at ease with Frankie she has been known to fall asleep under the dryer! Thank you Frankie for being you!!
Victoria P.
I can't say enough about Frankie Collins! When i sat in her chair for the first time 4 years ago, my hair needed help! Bad cut, bad color, bad habits; it was a mess! Through her amazing eye for color, skilled cutting techniques, and expert advice in product selection; my locks are looking spectacular! Thanks Frankie for keeping me looking great:)
Alicia W.
I have always had very long hair with no shape or style and I never really knew how to take care of it. I wanted body but to keep my length and for it to be healthy. After many discouraging visits to other salons I went to see Frankie and I couldn't be happier! She shaped it up and was able recommend products for my hair type and show me how to style it. Now my hair is everything I've ever wanted and I get compliments everywhere I go.
Tara F.
Frankie Collins has been my stylist of choice for the past 4 years. My hair is my trademark and I only trust it in her hands. Frankie is my secret weapon for fabulous hair. Her hands and expertise for trendy fabulous color and cut are the best, hands down! Loreal T.
Loreal T.
I was lucky enough to find Frankie a couple of years ago. She's the only one that cuts, colors and styles my hair exactly how I like. She's very creative and I love her suggestions on ways to change my style and color. Thanks Frankie!
Judy D.
I am half black & half white with the majority of my hair traits being white hair with a bit of coarseness & extreme curl of black hair. I have countless horror stories, so when I was referred to Frankie Collins I gave her the "I've been hurt in the past" talk! I was extremely difficult to work with, I will be honest, but she took her time with me during consultation & during the cut itself. Although I felt very comfortable, I was still nervous, & at the end of the day she rocked it! I mean the best haircut & color I have ever had. Frankie has been doing my hair for 4+ years now. I live in Chicago & plan my visits back home around when I need a haircut. I would recommend her to anybody- whether you have had bad experiences or you're just looking for a new fresh look. She stays extremely current on her knowledge of newest trends!
India M.
Frankie is amazing. she's the only hair stylist I've gone to that knows how to cut my crazy curly hair. I always leave feeling like I look ten times better then what i did when i went in! I love her!
Tessa W.
I love her! I hate to sound like a broken record....but I too was LUCKY enough to find Frankie about 3 years ago. She has great instinct on what I want everytime...she is a true expert and I trust her explicitly! She makes me feel more confident and beautiful everytime I leave her chair. I love the reaction from my fiance when he sees what creation Frankie does with my hair...he always loves it and takes the time to thank her. Frankie always takes her time with my hair, it's very thick and tangles easily, but she makes it seem so easy to manage. Thanks Frankie!
Jackie R.
I met Frankie over three years ago and don't know what I did without her. Unfortunately, I met her one month after my wedding and whenever I see my photos of my "blah" hair I wonder how great it would have looked if Frankie did it for me. I have hair that does not hold color and Frankie is the only one I have met over the years that can make the color stay. She is honest with me and lets me know if something I want will be hard to manage with my unruly wavy hair, or if the length will be too short or long. Frankie is a hair-styling prodigy and should win awards! Thank you so much Frankie!
Danielle G.
I came to Frankie after making the mistake of putting a box on my hair....and I'm a BLONDE! It was tragic! My hair was orange! Frankie got me in immediately and went to work. I'm naturally a very dark blonde, so it takes talent to make me a platinum blonde. I was amazed with how phenomenal my hair looked! I've never had a more magnificent color, especially after being ORANGE! Frankie not only does amazing work, she's a dream with corrective color! No hands, or boxes, will ever touch my head again!
Jean L.
When I found Frankie, she understood exactly what I wanted my hair to look like even when I had a hard time explaining it, and she excels at translating exactly what I want and delivering brilliant results! My hair is always very easy to take care of and manageable because she does such a thorough job with each haircut. She is literally the very best hair artist I have ever been to. You can really trust Frankie with your hair. She is amazing. Color mixing is another forte of hers that she is marvelously skilled at. My color comes out true and correct the first time, every time! - Karen B.
Karen B.
For many years I have looked for a stylist who understands my needs. Frankie has been doing my hair for two years. Not only does she understand my needs, but she takes what I want to the next level. She is so well educated,and passionate about what she does that I know everytime I leave her chair I'm going to look amazing!
Zach L.
It took one experience in Frankie Collin’s chair for me to make the decision that this would be the only chair I would sit in from that point forward. Frankie truly makes your visit an ‘experience’, catering to your every need and really listening to your desires so that she can customize your visit to fit exactly what you are looking for. When your time with Frankie is over, you are more knowledgeable about your hair than you ever were before, your hair looks SO fabulous that you feel like a new person, and you realized that while all of this goodness was happening, Frankie made you laugh and smile the ENTIRE time. Frankie Collins is a wonderful, extremely talented stylist who cares more about her client’s wants and needs than anyone else I have ever met in this industry. I never left Frankie without feeling beautiful, and I can honestly say that through her work and her amazing personality, she instilled a confidence in me that made me able to try SO many new colors and styles! I never left Frankie unhappy or unsatisfied, and you won’t either! THANK YOU TO FRANKIE FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME FEEL FABULOUS!
Haylea S.
I’ve known Frankie for over 15 years now and she’s been doing my hair since she was first licensed. I love how fun and funky she does my hair and the great advice she gives for when I go home and have to style it on my own. She’s done my hair for me and my wedding party among numerous other occasions. I will NEVER trust anyone else with my hair again. Frankie’s the best!
Stephanie C.
Being a guy with long hair is difficult as it is. Finding someone to cut it right is even harder! I found Frankie after I moved to Columbus a few years ago and I've never gone to anyone else. She gives me the perfect cut every time!
Shane S.
I came to Frankie at another salon...my hair dyed,burnt, and just AWFUL! I walked out of there a whole new girl! She is very knowledgeable, gifted, and an excellent stylist! I will never let anyone touch my hair and I always look forward to going to visit with her and trying something new!!!
Kelli M.
I have been to many stylist and Frankie is the only stylist I have loved and came back to! She is amazing at what she does! I am so blessed to have found her! -Tracy w
Tracy W.
I have been to many top Salons in the Columbus area including Charles Penzone's, Max Studio in German Village, and also Kenneth's. Each hair color appointment left me dissatisfied and broke. My hair is ashy brown and it takes an amazing artist to understand what it takes so that my hair doesn't turn red or brassy. Frankie understood this and is unbelievable with color technique. My hair has never looked more amazing in my life!! I am also her biggest "Signature Blowout" fan!! Her talent is remarkable and not only are her colors, cuts, and blowouts awesome, but her updo's are fabulous!!!!! I honestly do not know what I would do without her taking care of my hair. You cannot go wrong when you're sitting in Frankie's chair! Laura R
Laura R.