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Hello Everyone,My name is Gozde and I am an Aveda Graduate Advanced stylist.I specialize balyage,blonding and hair extensions.What makes me special is I am a wizard:)At least my clients tells me that I am:)The passion I have for the industry is endless and it is my happy place.

I can not wait to meet you and listen u and give you my %100 each and everytime.


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Gozde is the best hair stylist I have ever been, you just tell her what you would like and it turns out exactly the way you want it or sometimes I have no idea what is the change I want and I tell her I trust you and the magic happens, not once I left unhappy, it’s my happy place too, because every time I sit on her chair I leave very light, young, refresh, happy and relieved, it feels like all my stress and negativity goes away with the hair cut and coloring and I am a new person :) I would recommend her services to anyone who needs hair and make up done, believe me once you use her, you would not go back to anyone!
Gamze M.
In 2017 I wrecked my hair with a box color and walked into the salon she worked at near tears. She took me in compassionately, and then transformed my hair back to BEAUTIFUL. Her personality is a bright light. She has so much knowledge and experience. She IS an EXPERT. I moved and lost her for 2 years. No other stylist I saw impressed me. Always went home and grabbed my scissors. When I stumbled across the Loft and GOZDE:) I thanked God (seriously) to have found her again. Made my appointment. Went in and she remembered me like we never missed those 2 years. Once again she brought back my hair to where I love it. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is priceless. Her work is impeccable. You won’t be disappointed if you’re lucky enough to book with Gozde.
Brandi T.
Gozde is a true hair goddess. I can’t explain how amazing she is. I was so nervous the first time I came I her because so many people had totally botched my hair. She spent so much time taking to me about my hair and figuring out what I really wanted. The first time she did my hair I was in disbelief because I didn’t even know my hair could look that good. She is so passionate about her work and always wants to make sure you are happy and feel beautiful. I will never go to anyone else. She is my absolute favorite!
Andrea R.
Gozde is my hair QUEEN! She was literally sent straight from the Gods to do what she does and she’s an absolute life saver. If I could tell you how many times I went to someone else who completely botched my hair or dyed it brown/black with another stylist only to come back to Gozde and beg her to fix my hair and make me blonde again and she’s fixed so many of my bad haircuts that I come to her with. Moral of the story- don’t go to anyone else. Gozde is the blonding Queen/wizard it’s actually magic. Not only is she amazing at what she does but if you talk to her you know it’s her true passion to really help everyone feel beautiful inside and out! She also takes her time which makes her stand out from any other hair stylist out there she sat in the salon working on me for 7 hours once to make sure we got it exactly how we wanted it to look this was when she was fixing my color that another stylist did. She will sacrifice her time to make sure you are happy with the results and trust me you will be because the hair Gods are on her side. Everyone should go to her and never look back. 17272626/10 would recommend and she cares for her clients and will keep up with your life and remember details about you and you will become bffs the second you sit down in her chair!!
Kristin Z.
Gozde is the best, she made my hair look amazing, everyone deserves a good looking hair and she can give you that absolutely! Highly recommend her
Erona S.
I have never felt so confident about my hair until Gozde worked her magic on me! I came to her feeling very discouraged and upset about how my hair was looking. She listened to what I wanted and gave me even better than I could have imagined. Not only is she a hair Goddess but she is so kind and genuine. She spent all day working on my hair and getting to know me and I can say that she is definitely the BEST stylist I have ever been to! I usually don’t like getting my hair done but she made this experience perfect for me. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with her, you will not be disappointed in the slightest bit!!!
Seline K.