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specialize in blondes, color corrections and vivid hair but love all hair types, colors and textures. I've been a hair stylist for almost 10 years and love what I do! I came to Salon lofts about 3 years ago and have enjoyed every second. I love being able to take my time with each client and help them understand the process. Don't be afraid to book a consultation if you're nervous, I have no problem answering any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon!

**If you are looking for color- corrections or vivids (which is any unnatural haircolor blue, green, pink ect) please send me a txt at 470-548-8887 for an appt these take 4-6 hrs to complete and I will need to book that appt rather than going through my booking system here. I do charge a flat fee for these services which is $110 an hour (this price is all inclusive)





  • Pulp Riot Hair Color
  • Keratherapy
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I have always been very picky about who cuts my hair. I have short hair and I love color (I am currently bright purple, thanks to Gwen), and short hair in bright colors is very unforgiving, if your hair person cannot handle the task. I met Gwen about a year ago, and she is everything I was looking for. She does awesome color, she can cut the hair and most importantly, she is a fabulous person. She always takes her time, does impeccable job and is fun to be around. She will make sure that you feel fabulous leaving her Salon and stay that way until your next appointment. I love having Gwen as my hair wizard :-) Leena
Leena K.
Gwen is a very professional and talented stylist with an attention to detail. She genuinely cares about making your hair color/style vision a reality.
Melissa M.
Gwen is the most caring stylist I have ever encountered. From day 1 she took the time to listen to me, my concerns and my needs. She has done wonders with my hair! I can look very professional or have fun showing offthe ocean colors under my hair! She is always there for me. I highly recommend Gwen for professionalism, creativity, talent and a fun!! Nancy
Nancy C.
I like my short hair to be cut a certain way. Gwen is able to cut my hair the way I want it cut every time. She takes her time and really looks to be sure my hair is even in the right places. She also cuts the hair of my special needs daughter and gives her all the time needed to cut her hair and makes her feel comfortable. We love Gwen and are so happy that we found her.
Rita W.
I’ve never been that person who had an attachment to a hairstylist bc I am so low maintenance (or try to be lol). Gwen was recommended to me by a family member and we hit it off at the very first appointment. I was looking for something different for my look as I’m getting older and hadn’t changed things up in awhile. She knew exactly what I wanted, needed and what was attainable for my hair type and color. I fell in love with my results and instantly knew I would keep coming back! Gwen explained everything she was doing, what we could accomplish in that appointment and things that could be accomplished with consecutive appointments. She’s super real and honest, and an expert at her profession. You need this woman in your life!
Daisy-Anne D.
Gwen is an artist; not just a hairstylist. She can do difficult blondes and amazing creative colors. I really appreciate that she strives for perfection. She won’t let you leave without you and her being happy with her work. Look at her Instagram and FB to see examples and you will be amazed!
Denise D.
I can’t believe I found this amazing stylist on-line! I must have looked through a hundred salons and stylists but I kept coming back to Gwen’s site because her gallery pictures were proof of her skill and talent in both color and precision hair cuts. She rescued me from the frustration of unpredictable hair cuts and too many bad hair days with a plan to help me grow my hair to a more flattering length and still feel put together in the process. She corrected my color and highlights and I am finally at the point where I love my hair! The compliments I hear on my color and cut are a huge confirmation that I have found the best. Gwen is so friendly and truly interested in all of her clients. She asks questions about the results I’m hoping for and then perfectly executes the color and cut to go beyond my expectations. Salon day is now my favorite day of the month!!
Susan A.
Gwen is everything I need in a hairstylist and more. She answers all my questions and explains it well to ensure that I’m fully informed on the process; she also keeps me comfortable throughout the sessions. Her style and eye for colors is absolutely mind-blowing and I’m always looking forward to the next time I’m in her chair. She has built up my confidence so much and makes me feel beautiful both inside and out. I will recommend Gwen to everyone I know because she is a 11/10 for both hair and experience. If you’re looking for a sign to get your hair done, THIS IS IT! She’s the one.
Melissa L.
I'm happy to trust Gwen with cutting my hair. I've got a couple cowlicks in odd places which many stylists haven't been able to navigate. Gwen handles them expertly, and always leaves me looking great. When I want to try a new style, she clearly explains what my best options are. I see her once a month, and I always enjoy her company.
Daniel B.
Gwen did an amazing hair transformation for me! My previous stylist was sweet, but did not execute what I wanted, nor did she express her skill level. Gwen took the time to listen, collaborate, and create the look I was going for. Super friendly and awesome person- I enjoyed our conversation as much as my hair! Definitely going to be returning and recommending! -Niki
Nicole M.
Gwen has an undeniable talent for doing hair, and an insatiable passion to go along with it!! She will make you feel like the most valuable client she's ever had, and when get up from her chair- your self esteem will undoubtedly be several notches higher than when you sat down! I was overjoyed with the dye transformation she did for me- it was exactly what I was hoping for, and I continue to get compliments on it MONTHS later!! Thank you for such an amazing job well done, Gwen!!! ~Yvette
Yvette P.