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I highly recommend Hallie! 1st and foremost, this girl is a gem! Super pleasant, patient and just all around awesome. She worked with me to understand what I wanted and took time to educate me on how to style my new look on my own. She made me feel comfortable and the end result is awesome! I will certainly be back! Thank you, Hallie!
Jennifer H.
I have never gotten my hair done until just a few months ago. I had a sudden urge for something different so I talked to Hallie. Since I had no experience, she walked me through it, gave suggestions, and I LOVED it!!!! She’s the sweetest person and so easy to talk to! I will definitely be back to see her!!
Courtney Y.
Hallie is a true hair magician. She never fails to leave me feeling restored, refreshed, and beautiful after sitting in her chair. She is an ARTIST at creating dimension. Hallie is the only hairstylist in Columbus that I will ever trust with my hair. I recommend her to all of my friends as she will give you exactly what you ask for every single time!!
Marcella P.
I have been to so many stylists and have never clicked with one as well as I have with Hallie! I love the conversations we have, and the how beautiful she makes my hair. She really is a hair goddess. 1000/10 would highly recommend my girl Hallie!
Abby M.
All I had to do was walk into the salon and Hallie knew just want to do with my hair at first glance! She turned my brassy blonde hair into beautiful icy silver and not only did it look and feel amazing after, but we had a blast chatting and laughing the whole time as well. Hallie is a master behind the chair and I’m so thankful for her! I highly recommend getting your hair done by her next time you’re looking for a new look!
Jordyn C.
Hallie has done my hair for a while!! She’s so kind, genuine, and easy to talk to! She always makes sure to give clients exactly what they want and she is just so so talented!!! I recommend her to so many people! Gotta love Hallie ;) ❤️
Breleigh Y.
Hallie B is the Hair Queen! She did my hair for my wedding and I thought marrying my husband was the best decision I could have ever made.... but it was actually choosing Hallie to do my hair for the big day that was my best decision! ;) (HAPPILY MARRIED STILL) but you get it, she’s the best!
Peyton A.
Hallie is truly a hair GOD! Ive always had troubles finding a great hairstylist who can master the perfect blonde I want. Hallie did just that and more. I always leave loving my hair and feeling BEAUTIFUL! Not only is she great at hair she’s one of the sweetest people I know!
Kennedy M.
Hallie has cut and styled my hair multiple times! she always gives me exactly what i ask for. when you book with hallie, she is such a fun bubbly person who’s always caring about what you tell her. 10/10 recommend Hallie Bradley<3
Alexis B.
This was my first time going outside my family friend who did my hair, and Hallie UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT. She is so good with blondes and she color corrected my hair so well. I’m obsessed.
Bailey E.
Amazing with blondes! Perfectly blends my hair and gets it to a beautiful tone. I always get a lot of compliments on my hair. 10/10 would recommend seeing Hallie for your hair :)
Nina B.
Hallie took my hair from about three different colors, brown, orange and a little blonde to an overall amazing blonde coloring and did an absolutely amazing job. 10/10 would go back to Hallie over and over again
Taylor L.
Hallie did my hair better than I could have imagined. Most hairdressers can’t handle my frizzy hair and she tamed it with the best blow out I’ve ever had and took the time to style it. She took no shortcuts and made it perfect. It’s why I’ll keep coming back.
Valerie S.
Hallie has done my hair many time and has done great every time!!! She has brought my hair back to the shiny beautiful blonde color I want! She takes her time and is a very kind person! She won’t let you leave without loving your hair! 10/10 recommend getting your hair done by Hallie!
Sydney B.
Hallie did AMAZING with my hair! She made my hair exactly what I asked for!!! I have always had a hard time with hairstylists making my hair the blonde that I want, but hallie mastered it!! She is an incredible hairstylist & the sweetest person ❤️
Avery B.
Hallie is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I’ve been with her since she was a student at Paul Mitchell. She brought me to an all over blonde in one session & my hair has never looked better. She is kind, honest, and hilarious. I will never let another person touch my hair! Love you hals!
Ashley L.
It is always so fun to sit in Hallie’s chair! She has an eye for what looks best and does such a good job lightening up and styling my hair! She’s so knowledgeable and has a real talent. I highly recommend trusting her with your hair! -Lexi B
Lexi B.
Hallie did my hair when she was in school and killed it! Since she graduated, she’s only grown and gotten better. I would recommend her to anyone :-)
Harlei M.
Hallie has transformed my hair many times! Always taking her time and doing a great job all the way through the appointment. She has even taken my hair from a faded blue to beautiful blonde in one session. I trust her every time and she never disappoints.
Alyssa M.
Hallie is a true hair magician! She is a boss at dimension, has really clean cuts, and gives you exactly what you ask for every single time. Hallie is the only stylist I will ever trust my hair with in Columbus. I recommend her to everyone I know! Hallie will not disappoint!!
Marcella P.
Hallie is so sweet and left me feeling like myself again! I felt so comfortable in her chair I almost fell asleep and by the time I left the chair, I looked as good as I felt :)
Anna M.