They say eyes are the window to the soul...well you need good curtains! My passion for shaping eyebrows began over 11.5 years ago. I truly love taking care of people's skin and helping them polish their look when it comes to their brows. It is my pleasure to bring my knowledge and passion for brows and esthetics to the West Chester area. 

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Heather is a miracle worker with brows! I swear no matter what I tell people I want with my brows, they always wind up too thin, too arched, or both! Heather is the first person that listened and understood exactly what I wanted! From the first time, I knew I would only go to her! I used to dread getting my brows done, and it always made me nervous, but heather is so consistent and I never think twice about because I know I’m going to be happy!
Elizabeth B.
Heather has been doing my brows and facial hair removal for years and I have never been disappointed. She is knowledgeable, talented, and most importantly a wonderful person. I will be driving 25 minutes for her services...she is just that good at what she does!
Tina W.
I have been going to Heather ever since I moved here 7 years ago!!! I had a bad eye brow tattoo (that faded.. thank goodness) and my eye brows were way to bare, fair and thin!! She has been working on them forever and they are FINALLY back to full thick and amazing. She also microbladed them and each time they get better and better. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.. she is a MAGICIAN and should be the only person to touch your eye brows!!!!!!! Thank goodness for heather!!! she is the best and so freaking cute!!!
Jackie R.
I was recommended to Heather almost 6 years ago from a close friend! Ever since then she has been the only person I will allow to wax my brows! She is one of the best! I highly recommend her! Her atmosphere is always energetic and loving. She keeps a personal relationship with each of her clients. Long story short, I heard she left her prior shop and my heart instantly sank, but I FOUND HER here. I am so happy to be a client for life!
Maya D.