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As a career mom, wife, stylist (explorer, adventurer, mountain biker, kayaker...) on the go, life keeps me on my toes. I push  to be creative and adventurous in everything I do. I am also inspired by the latest trends. Personalizing these trends into your everyday hair style is one of my favorite things to do.​  
 I’m Not Into

Fighting the hair you were born with, I love it when people embrace their natural texture. I want to help people see they can use what they have and have a great style that works for them. Time is precious; don’t waste it.

Idol Worship


Sarah Jessica Parker: Always ahead of the game, she was doing things with her hair before it was cool. Zooey Deschanel: Love the bold bang, makes a statement about fashion and hair, so brave. Meryl Streep: one word, classy!​

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