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We are excited to be the first providers to offer laser hair removal at any of the Salon Loft locations! iLAZ is locally owned and has competitive prices in the Indianapolis area! Our new laser machine is able to treat all skin types!  For best results, please shave the area(s) of treatment prior to your appointment. We realize there will be exceptions. There will be a $60 charge if we need to shave you prior to your treatment. If you are scheduling a first appointment please select CONSULTATION under services so enough time will be allotted to do the consultation and your first treatment. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or there will be a $30.00 cancellation fee.

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I went in for the full back laser hair removal. As this was my first experience, I did not know what to expect. The procedure was painless and at times felt a bit like a massage. I did have my back hair trimmed before the appointment to reduce any discomfort as was recommended, but I did not shave it. The procedure went quickly and I felt the laser specialist was very knowledgeable and professional.
Andrew F.
I have been very pleased with the treatments so far. I had other lazer experiences at another location and they were very expensive and did not do the exact job I was told they were going to do. Ilaz has done everything they said they would do..! Great service. Thank you!
Les B.
I went in not knowing what to expect as I've never had any sort of Lazer hair removal done, I was very nervous but put at ease by the clean facility, the smiling faces of Denise and Becky and the fact that they constantly asked me if I was "doing okay". The procedure was basically pain free and the only side effects were minimal with a bit redness for about 20 minutes. I did my research on iLAZ and was completely shocked at how cheap they were compared to everyone else! You must check them out! -Brittany P
Brittany P.
I had been looking into laser hair removal for quite awhile, but when it came time to actually get it done I was very nervous. Both Denise and Becky were very comforting and knowledgeable and put me at ease throughout the entire process. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly we were done with the treatment and that I felt only slight discomfort from the laser. I would definitely go back to iLAZ for more treatments and will be recommending them to my friends! -Emily M.
Emily M.
I cannot say enough about these wonderful ladies! Very professional, knowledgeable, and fun! I am on my 5th treatment for my legs and I am having remarkable results. Great service and even better pricing!
Lisa M.
I have always been interested in laser hair removal and have been looking into it for some time, however I was always too scared of how painful it would be and unsure that I could afford the treatments. I was happy to find somewhere so close to home that had such great rates. The staff was very friendly and professional, and the facility was absolutely beautiful. Becky and Denise were both there for my treatment and were wonderful about making sure I was relaxed and comfortable during the whole treatment. I would highly recomend iLAZ to anyone looking into laser hair removal. I cannot wait to go back for the rest of my treatments! Dominique I.
Dominique I.
My friend and I went to iLAZ for removal of excess facial hair for me and underarm hair removal for her. The experience was the best. Denise And Becky both experienced hospital professionals made us feel relaxed and secure in our decision to do lazar hair removal and will choose iLAZ for any future needs. Kay W. Coatesville,In.
Kay W.
The staff is so professional and sweet. I am very happy and pleased with the procedures that I have had done. I was nervous about the pain prior to starting treatments, but the staff was accommodating and made me feel very comfortable!
Laura S.
I had always considered getting laser hair removal but didn't know who to go to. My friend recommended me to iLaz assuring me that the staff is super friendly and does a great job. I am so glad that I decided to give it a try because I could not have had a better expierence. The prices cannot be beat anywhere else and I saw great results. Also, the staff does a great job at making you feel comfortable. I would 110% recommend anyone to iLaz because I am sure you will absolutely love your results.
Gracie S.
I am very satisfied with the pampered treatment I received from iLAZ. I found a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Denise and Becky were professional and caring. Prices were great compared to other businessess (But to tell the truth I would have spent more to get this kind of TLC). I've had treatment in the past and this shop is an A+ on my list!!!!! A faithful customer, Wanda H. Indianapolis area
Wanda H.
Thank you iLAZ for a wonderful laser hair removal experience....Salon Lofts is trendy, upscale and conveniently located near the Fashion Mall at Keystone and the staff was exceptionally professional from start to end. The overall experience was fast, relatively pain free and I can already see results with just one treatment! I'll definitely be sending plenty of friends your way so that I can take advantage of your fabulous referral program. J.Ortiz
Jeannie O.
First appointment done for my underarms. All I can say is amazing!!! Denise explained everything and made me feel so very comfortable. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the process and posting again about how things turned out.
Angela H.
I wish I would've started years ago. I have been in for three treatments and can't say enough about IlAZ. I have met with Carmen and Amy and both are wonderful, sweet and professional. Already I can see a drastic difference and I am shaving less if at all. Now, while the procedure is not completely pain free it is tolerable and fast and well worth the results. I can't wait to see the final results and start treatment on a larger area!
Yessenia M.
Very professional for a newly owned business. I was so at ease and pleasantly surprised as it was completely pain free on my back and shoulders. The ladies were honest and free from any kind of push or hard sell gimics like you hear on radio commercials for other hair removal businesses. I will definitely be coming back here. John Kane
John K.
I've been lasered before and I have to say, Denise is faster, more professional and the laser seems to be working better than my previous round of treatments. I had some pretty tender spots lasered and the pain was minimal and over before I knew it. The facility is clean and modern. I have been recommending iLAZ to all my friends and family. Definitely check it out!
Kristen L.